Top Eight Things To Do Before Travel

The End of the Year is around the corner and everyone is getting into Holiday Spirit. Many will go for holiday to reward themselves for a good year of Working Hard and Smart. beach

PROPER PLANNING is Very Essential in order to have Stress Free Holiday. Although holidays are supposed to be relaxing, sometimes things can go terrible wrong and turn out to be Stressful Events. I am sure nobody want to have this Unexpected and Surprised Things! Therefore the key to minimizing this is PROPER PLANNING.

1) Check the Travel Documentpassport

Do not forget to make photocopies of all your travel documents like passport details, insurance policy, travelers cheques, visas and credit card numbers. This will come handy should you, unfortunate, lose it.

2) Notify Your Bank

Notify your bank to let them know that you will be using your credit in abroad. Tell them exactly what countries you plan to be in and the dates you plan to be away. Some banks or credit card companies will automatically cancel cards that are used overseas for security purposes.

3) Plan and Research your Destination

Find a good guidebook and get to know your destination, including its local laws and customs. Internet is a Good Place to start with this research. Site like is recommended.

"To many people holidays are not voyages of discovery, but a ritual of reassurance."-Philip Andrew Adams

4) Consult your Health Professionals

Get the necessary vaccinations, and make sure you are updated on other shots, like tetanus, hepatitis etc. You can find information about country-specific vaccinations from your family doctor and find out about overseas laws on traveling with medicines. A visit to dentist is recommended.

5) Get Insuredinsurance

The farther you travel, the more insurance you should have. Take out appropriate travel insurance to cover high cost hospital treatment, medical evacuation and any activities, including adventure sports, in which you plan to participate. If you charge your credit card for the traveling cost then automatically there are some free travel insurance protection.

6) Bring a daily Journal

You will learn a lot about yourself on this journey. Document what you see, visit and who you meet. Make writing in it a habit from the first day, and don’t be lazy. You will appreciate your efforts in twenty or thirty years.

7) Activate Phone Roaming

Check whether countries you plan to be in got mobile phone roaming coverage. Make sure you got enough credit if you use prepaid phone services.

8) Go to Money

Always change some money in your own country to avoid issue like language barrier in your destination country. At the same time you can shop for the best rate. Look for money changer located at tourist attraction spot as the exchange rates is very competitive there.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday! 🙂

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