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What is Goods and Services Tax | Fact that You Should Know

. What do You Know About Goods and Services Tax (GST)? . How GST affects businesses? . What do YOU need to do? . GST is a broad-based tax on consumption of goods and services, and in simplest form, it means people will pay tax each time they purchase a good or service. The proposed […]

Be Careful When Using An Automatic Teller Machine

The rising crime rate is a serious source of concern now. I myself witness a snatch theft incident in front of my eyes and it occur in split of second. This happen so unexpectedly and no wonder the victim cannot see(remember) the theft bike plate number. Crime also can happen you are making a transaction […]

Stock Market Talk by Ex Fund Manager and Ex Head of Research

There will be a seminar entitled Stock Market Talk featuring Salvatore Dali, author of Malaysia Finance Blog with Bill Wermine and Martin Wong, supported by CIMB Investment Bank Berhad. 2010 is looking to be an uncertain year for investors – Can we take advantage of the markets’ volatility? How to survive the volatility, or even […]