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Happy Mother Day | The Mum Song

It’s 24 hours of what moms (and dads) say packed and summed up in a song into 2 minutes and 52 seconds! Truly Hilarious and talented! Happy Mother’s Day to all you mommies out there… Enjoy! 🙂

Create Funny Pictures from Your Photos

Is photography your hobby? . Do you want to create funny photo? . Have trouble making online photo effects? . Now you can create a unique photos without those expensive Image or Photo Editor software like Adobe Photoshop. It is so easy to create funny pictures like below:

How to Become a Multi Millionaire

. Did you know that if you had purchased 1,000 Public Bank shares since 1967 and have held it over a period of 42 years, your initial investment would have grown to a value of RM2.1M today! . .