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Petronas Chemicals Group To Be Listed Today

Petronas Chemicals Group Bhd expected to have a strong debut when listed today at Bursa Malaysia Securities. This initial public offering (IPO) would be the largest in Southeast Asia and will  set to outshine other big-capitalised firms on Bursa Malaysia Securities. I would expect it’ll open between a  range between RM5.60 and RM5.80 on its […]

How Much Did the Prime Minister Get Paid Salary

Do You Wish To Be a Prime Minister? . If That Is Too Hard, How About To Be A Cabinet Minister? . What Is The  Chief Executive Officer Salary? . According to the Members of Parliament (Emolument) (Amendment) Act 2005 which came into effect on January 1, 2004, the prime minister receives a monthly salary […]

Get Your MCA Number Plates Now

Effective on 24 November 2010(Wednesday), the tender for car license plates bearing registration numbers from MCA1 to MCA9999 is open to public. Previously, there is a hoo-hah saying MCA(the second largest political party in Malaysia) car license plates is ONLY reserve for MCA members. Good new, this Malacca registration plate number is not for MCA […]