How To Save RM24 From Your TM Streamyx Internet Bill

I am sure you spend a great sum of your income in telecommunication facilities. One of them is the Broadband Internet Charges. Wouldn’t that be excellent if we can save some money from TM Streamyx Internet Bill every month? Yes, you can now! 🙂

Purchase Protection Plan Plus For MasterCard Credit Cardholders

I sign up for Purchase Protection Plan by Chartis Malaysia Insurance Bhd last month. The insurance company would then Up sell you Purchase Protection Plan Plus. You may read more about Purchase Protection Plan at Purchase Protection Plan For MasterCard Credit Cardholders

RM11 Million Losses due to RM50 Credit Card and Charge Card Service Tax

All the new credit cardholders are charged with an annual service tax of RM50 per principal card and RM25 per supplementary card starting this Jan 1 this year. For existing credit card user, the service tax will be charged on the anniversary of card issuance. Read more about RM50 service tax at Maybank Announcement On […]