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Top 30 Equity Investments Listed On Bursa Malaysia by EPF

As a part of investment diversification strategy, the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) will increase its investments in global equity and fixed income. This one of investment diversification strategy that employed by EPF. The Govertment allowed EPF to  invest up to 23% of its investment assets in international markets. As at Dec 31, 2011, the fund’s […]

What Is Proprietary Day Traders And Stockists | Bursa Malaysia

If you look at the top volume counters that traded in Bursa Malaysia, you’ll notice majority of the counter are from penny stock counter. Some of the them includes Ingens, Nicorp, AWC, KPSCB, Asuprem and etc as at today. Pennies and speculative stock like Metronic Global Bhd (Metronic) and Ariantec Global Bhd (AGlobal), which makes […]

What Is Dormant Account

Dormant Account is an inactive account that don’t have any activity(deposit or withdrawal) for past 12 months period. I just got a reminder from Hong Leong Bank on my saving account for  Dormant Account. It stated that my balances of RMXX.22 will be entitle for RM10 deduction  for every dormant account until the remaining balances […]