Free Ticket to National Achievers Congress 2011 Sponsor by RHB Investment Bank

I got this e-mail invitation from RHB Investment Bank about the National Achievers Congress. The entry ticket normally cost RM697.00 but as a RHB Investment Bank’s list of invited guests, I was given a free seat 🙂 This congress was organize by Success Resources, a leader in organizing educational conferences that have helped thousand of […]

Why Must You Buy A Travel Insurance Policy To Make Your Vacation Relaxing And Stress Free

Going To Oversea Soon? . Is There A Need To Buy Travel Insurance When Purchasing the Air Tickets? . Who Will Help To Arrange And Pay For A Medical Evacuation? . Travel coverage is a  must for every travelers because no matter how well you plan your holiday trip, unexpected events like accidents, delayed flights, […]

Speed Kills- Please Drive Carefully

If you think speeding is Cool or OK, then watch the video below~ Read more  What You Need To Do In The Event of an Unfortunate Accident Please SLOW DOWN….. Drive safely and Reduce speed. If you think Speeding is Harmless, then Look, Learn, and Live! . I have no words after watching………….. . . […]