Purchase Protection Plan Plus For MasterCard Credit Cardholders

I sign up for Purchase Protection Plan by Chartis Malaysia Insurance Bhd last month. The insurance company would then Up sell you Purchase Protection Plan Plus. You may read more about Purchase Protection Plan at Purchase Protection Plan For MasterCard Credit Cardholders

Affordable Car Insurance For Convicted Drivers

All car driver by law must buy a car insurance. This is to protect third parties against any loss and damage should unfortunate accident happen. It not easy to find a person with a clean licence. If you have a previous motoring conviction such as for reckless driving, caught speeding, drink driving and other alcohol […]

Income Protection Insurance: A Must-Have for Everyone

Our life is so uncertain. Despite all the planning and preparation one might make, almost no one can predict what may happen on the very next moment. We are not being pessimistic when saying that life and existence are constantly fraught with danger, risk and uncertainty. You have been working so hard to build a […]