Winner of Car Plate WWW

The result of the most much-sought-after vehicle registration number plate WWW was release today at Road Transport Department(JPJ/RTD) website. The information available are the winner car plate number, name, ic number and bid price. According to a car dealer, he never expected the bid to be so high and CRAZY. Some of the bidder even […]

WWW Number Plates Open For Booking

The Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory Road Transport Department (RTD) have open the bookings for “WWW” vehicle registration numbers until May 14 from 8am to noon. You may start sending your bids. WWW is the acronym for the World Wide Web and a Federal Territory number. It’s a once it a lifetime opportunity to register  this […]

RM300,100 for Registration Number MCA 1| JPJ Car Tender Registration Number

Do you believe someone will fork out more than RM300,000 for a car plate number? Yes… A record is broken when the “MCA 1” registration number was bid with the highest bid of RM300,100, surpassing previous record holder “TAY 1”, which received a bid of RM242,000 last June. The registration number “TAN 1” early this […]