Get Your MCA Number Plates Now

Effective on 24 November 2010(Wednesday), the tender for car license plates bearing registration numbers from MCA1 to MCA9999 is open to public.

Previously, there is a hoo-hah saying MCA(the second largest political party in Malaysia) car license plates is ONLY reserve for MCA members. Good new, this Malacca registration plate number is not for MCA members only!

The tenders for car licence plates bearing registration numbers from MCA1 to MCA9999 will be open from 8am on 24 November 2010 until noon on 14 December 2010.


All those who is interested to bid could drop off their tender documents at the tender box placed at the Malacca JPJ headquarters at Kompleks JPJ Bukit Katil, 75450 Bukit Katil, Malacca.

You may get the tender forms can be obtained at any JPJ office or can be downloaded from the JPJ’s website at www.

All the results tender would be announced two weeks after the closing date. It’ll posted at the Malacca JPJ headquarters notice board.

Interesting what’s MCA refer to for different people….

MCA = Malaysia Conmen Association,

MCA =Malaysian Corrupted Association

Would You Bid RM100,800.00 for a car number plate MCA 1? 🙂

This the tender result for WUF.


For WUF 1, the winner bidding is RM78,800.00. A fung shui number as well

The second one is WUF 2, is a good number as well with winning bid of RM33,800.00

Latest JPJ Tender Number as at Tue Nov 23 17:35:00 2010

Perak AHJ793
Selangor BLA6354
Pahang CCS3142
Kelantan DBT1326
Johor JMP1583
Kedah KCV1171
Langkawi KV401D
Labuan LD4654
Melaka MBY5647
N Sembilan NCL2350
Pulau Pinang PJW5633
Kuching QAV1595
Sri Aman QBA8610
K Samarahan QCC1093
Limbang QLA4372
Miri QMQ5054
Kapit QP5591
Sarikei QRF4758
Sibu QST7593
Bintulu QTH1837
Perlis RJ4066
Kota Kinabalu SAB4319D
Beaufort SB1549B
Lahad Datu SD3909F
Kudat SK9730
Sandakan SS4544N
Tawau ST8075N
Keningau SU3580B
Terengganu TBB904
Kuala Lumpur WUQ680

3 Responses to “Get Your MCA Number Plates Now”

  1. So, Alan.. did you bid for the MCA 1 and MCA 8? I bet the winning bid will be from someone who’s in the ‘political’ MCA 🙂

  2. better wait for WWW 1 & WWW 8 🙂

  3. ‘MCA’ numbers up for bidding

    MALACCA: Tenders for car registration plates bearing the letters MCA are open for tender.

    Bidding at the state Road Transport Department (JPJ) office at Bukit Katil got off to a “normal” start with some 100 tender forms submitted yesterday.

    A JPJ officer noted that the bidding process was not overwhelming as it was still early for bidders to settle down on their choice of numbers –and to consider how much they were willing to pay for their chosen digits.

    The bidders had until midnight on Dec 14 to submit their bids, said state JPJ deputy director for vehicle registration and licensing A. Rafiz Ismail.

    The results on the successful bids would be finalised about two weeks after the deadline, he said.

    An experienced vehicle sales consultant, who only wished to be known as Mr Cheng, said the hot plate numbers from 1 to 100 were usually the preferred numbers by top ministers, senior government officials and established businessmen.

    There were those who were willing to pay big money – from between several thousands to over hundreds of thousands of ringgit – for the number they like.

    He added there was a senior state MCA leader intending to submit a bid for a single digit odd number.

    MCA party president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek had recently said he would not bid for the number plate MCA 1.

    He added other MCA leaders interested in the bidding process could go ahead and do so, but the party would not assist them.

    Abdul Rahman Abdul, 62, who was the first person who obtained a form from the JPJ counter at 8.10am, said he was fond of an MCA plate for a special reason.

    Refusing to reveal the number he was bidding, Abdul Rahman said he had waited for months to make a tender bid and would use the number for his son’s car.