Jupiter Securities: Profit From Just One Tick: Gimmick?

Every Stock Brokers are working hard to promote their Online Trading Services but are facing an uphill battle against prevailing Volatile Market Sentiment, Expensive  Start-up and Huge Infrastructure Costs and a very low Internet Penetration rate.

The country’s Internet Penetration rates also are still very low, with about 10 percent of the above 20 million population owning personal computers. Do not be surprise some of the homes still use modem 28.8kbs dial up for Internet Access!


Jupiter Securities is the champion in bringing Online Trading commission to the lowest as low as 0.05% or RM8.00! It offer as much as 88 percent Discount as compare to other Online brokers Rates! Lately they  advertising aggressively to attract new customers including running Expo, Roadshow and Evening Market Talk.

One tick also mean minimum price bid. Minimum price bid is the permissible change on the offer to buy price over the previous done or quoted price.  When trading on Bursa Malaysia, bids and offers for shares within different price ranges follow different minimum bids.

The following are the minimum price bids for the different price ranges:

bursa bid

Sources from bursamalaysia.com

It’s TRUE! and NOT Gimmick. With the 0.05% brokerage, YOU can make PROFIT even the price move JUST one tick!


If I buy 1,000 shares of MAYBANK at RM5.05 and sell at RM5.10 then my gain is RM18.95. I make a PROFIT even with one tick move.

profit from one tick

I can see your smiley face now. This is possible with the low commission rate of 0.05% or RM8.00.

Just do your own calculation!

Other brokers may offer 0.45% brokerage but Jupiter Securities offer 0.05%, that is 88 percent Discount on brokerage!

(0.45%-0.05%) / 0.45 x 100 = 88 % discount Saving!

Enough of the Advantages! What is the Catch(term and conditions) you may Ask 🙂

  • It has to be a CASH UPFRONT trading. i.e. money need to be deposited into your trading account in order to trade, the trading limit amount will be the amount of cash deposited. Therefore you do not enjoy Leverage Trading Limit which is normally offer by your beloved remisier.
  • Your Buy and Sell orders must be inputed via their ECOS (ie. Internet system). If used phone order then the discount rate do not apply anymore.
  • Your trade value must be above RM16,000.00 to enjoy 0.05% else minimum brokerage of RM8.00 will apply.

For example if you buy 10,000 share of KNM at RM0.405 then the brokerage rate is RM8.00  as shown below:

below rm16k

For share value above rm16,000.00 is based on 0.05%(RM8.10) rate as shown below:

above rm16k

Just calculate how much you can save if you are actively trading!

The Stock Broker, Jupiter Securities do not incur any risk of default at all as all trades are cash upfront. The only challenge to them is to get the mass volume of customers to cover the high infrastructure costs.

bull According to stock analyst, Malaysia markets should find good buying support now as there is almost zero holdings by foreign funds(nothing left to sell now literally) after massive redemption in their own country.

So use this low brokerage to your advantage.

I register my account at an Exhibition in KLCC recently and enjoy free CDS account opening and free moving cost(transfer my existing shares from other securities firm to Jupiter Securities for FREE).

For more information visit Jupiter Online

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21 Responses to “Jupiter Securities: Profit From Just One Tick: Gimmick?”

  1. The brokeage fee of minRM8.00 is true.in facts, i’m using now.
    the disadvantage that i need drove up to kl hq to registered/open

  2. If you trade often then Definitely the brokerage saving will cover your petrol many many times more 🙂

    From the web site, it shown Jupiter Securities team’s just back from Penang. I’m not sure how’s the Penang respond.

  3. Hi Alan,
    Thanks for the write-up. One of the keys to making money in our current downtrending market is low brokerage rate. We don’t have to wait for many “ticks” in order to take profits or cut loss. As always, we need our ESP to be in place when we enter into a trade. Keep your ESP sharp and happy trading. Wishing you Happy and Prosperous New Year. CNY bull looks a bit lembik and need a kick.

  4. Ask Kelvin said, the low brokerage rate is a MUST in our current market now!

    FYI, Kelvin is Head of Jupiter Online of Jupiter Securities Sdn Bhd

    Those who need to sign up for new trading account may contact me for more info.

  5. hello , there i just open it few days back but .
    i was wondering is this a nominee account or direct account to bursa thier system look fast enough ..

  6. Normally, it’s a nominee account. call your dealer for more exact answer!

    Yes…the system is fast & Good as Jupiter is using almost same online portal use by other securities firm…Don’t you notice the interface look almost similar!

    Why choose Jupiter then? It’s the RM8 commission!!!!!!!! 🙂

  7. Free talk on “TEKNIK MEMILIH SAHAM-SAHAM YANG BERPOTENSI UNTUK URUSNIAGA” on 12 Februari 2009 at Jupiter Securities Sdn Bhd, 9th Floor,Menara Olympia,8 Jalan Raja Chulan, 50200 Kuala Lumpur

  8. Just want to know more on the term and condition, to enjoy the 0.05% or RM8 brokerage rate, do it need to be day trade?
    As I know some broker offer low brokerage rate with condition,
    2. ECOS
    3. Day-Trade
    I got no problem with the first two condition. but if require day-trade, then it was not really advantage to me.

  9. I never day-trade but still enjoy the discount brokerage rate. Call your dealer for more info 🙂

  10. thanks alan… Then I should consider to moving to Jupiter…

  11. Why not?

  12. 0.05% is only for the first 2 months, then it will revert back to 0.1%

    I believe maybank is matching this also …

  13. Do you offer access to trade in foreign shares, e.g Singapore, Hong Kong and the US? And if you do, what are the brokerages like?

  14. Hi Mohd,

    I am not sure whether Jupiter Securities offer facilities to do trading in foreign shares, e.g Singapore, Hong Kong and the US.

    Why not you contact Jupiter Securities directly & feedback here later 😀

    But I known CIMB Investment Bank Berhad did offer Cross Border Trading. For information, read http://www.alantanblog.com/investment/malaysian-property-market-outlook-and-reits.html


    P/S: I’m not associated with Jupiter Securities except a Loyal Customer

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  17. I m from Kuching, can I open a/c here or rather over the internet ?

  18. hi Mary,

    Please contact Jupiter Securities directly.

    Maybe they able to assist you.

  19. I have been using JO for almost 2 years and i can say i am very very happy with the low brokerage fees.. It helps me mitigate my risk as its one-tick-earning strategy helps me move in and out very fast.

  20. are the trust account balance guranteed by pidm?
    are the balance safe?

  21. What I understand the money is safe.