Gambling Is The Ultimate Guide to Financial Freedom

Some people think gambling is the Ultimate Guide to Financial Freedom.

By having “much” money, all their problems will be “gone”.

Just look at the flyer advertisement below:


What happen is you will have to contact the advertiser for a 4-D number that have “high chance” of winning . This service is not a charity service so some fee will be charge.

Have you ever wonder if the advertiser can comes out with very “high chance” winning number, why don’t  they just keep it to themselves?

Something to think about!

The key here is the ability to manage money correctly. Most of your time and resources need to be spend on increasing Financial Intelligence and Not looking for quick gain via gambling.

How many time you hear stories of  lottery winner who won million of dollar payout become poor at the end?

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I feel pity for those who become the victim some con case which was reported in the newspaper very often.

3 Responses to “Gambling Is The Ultimate Guide to Financial Freedom”

  1. I totally agree with that. EQ is the key in Financial Intelligence IMO.

  2. RM16mil jackpot – the best Xmas present ever

    KUALA LUMPUR: A senior citizen has won the Christmas gift of his life and will walk into the New Year RM16mil richer.

    The 60-something man from Sarawak had bet on the winning numbers for the Toto 4D Jackpot 1 sweepstakes on Christmas Day.

    He will, however, give a large portion of his winnings to charity as his children are financially independent.

    Met at the Sports Toto headquarters at the Berjaya Times Square here, he said his winning numbers 9528 and 8143 were a combination of a relative’s car number plate and his own “feel-good” numbers.

    While attributing his win to “sheer luck”, the man who runs several small businesses said he had been consistently betting on these numbers for years.

    “Playing Toto jackpot games is one of my hobbies and I had occasionally won small sums of money.

    “However, winning this fortune is the ultimate winning experience,” he said.

    A man from Penang took home RM222,954, the second prize in the draw


  3. Hawker strikes RM8.4mil jackpot

    A hawker struck the Magnum’s 4D Jackpot first prize of RM8.4mil after betting on numbers from his daughter’s new passport.

    Both the winning sets of numbers of 2232 (second prize) and 6675 (third prize) were from the passport that the man had renewed with his daughter.

    The hawker won the jackpot on a straight bet of only RM2.

    “This is wonderful! I never thought that with just RM2, I could become a millionaire overnight. I was so surprised when I saw my numbers emerge as the top three prize,” said the man, who is in his mid-40s and from Selangor.

    He said he would now stop working and use the money to care for his parents on a full-time basis and “give them whatever they want”.

    “This is the time to give my parents their heart’s desires for all their sacrifices not just for me, but for my family too,” he said.

    The hawker said he had been a loyal Magnum customer for over 20 years and had won several times, adding that he would only spend up to RM10 for each draw because he had to be careful with his expenses.

    “This win has changed not only my life, but my whole family’s life, too,” he said.

    In a statement, Magnum said the man, who had been playing the 4D Jackpot game since it was launched in September 2009, won the money for the draw on Aug 18.