Maybank Dividend Reinvestment Plan Notification

By today, you should received the Maybank Dividend Reinvestment Plan Notification if you apply for one.

I hope you did apply for it as  Maybank is one of the Blue Chip counter in Bursa Malaysia and getting Maybank shares on discount price.

All your shares will be automatically credited into your Central Depository System(CDS).

You may confirm the shares crediting by calling your stock broker of wait for your CDS statement


Happy Investing! 🙂

2 Responses to “Maybank Dividend Reinvestment Plan Notification”

  1. Can i know how to buy maybank share and what is the minimum to buy per share? hope you do not mind with this question cause i am beginner in investment, thanks

  2. Maybank share cost RM8.29 as at on 14/10/11. You can buy minimum 1 lot which is 100 share that cost RM829 + brokerage fee. Before buying a share, you must open a trading with any stock broking componaies

    I hope that help