Maxis Hotlink Sucks

I got this Unwelcome SMS from Maxis Hotlink on 17 March 2010 at 2:46pm.

The SMS stated Maxis Hotlink will credit RM13.00 to my account via deduction of my Hotlink Rewards Redemption latest by 25 March 2010.

If I DO NOT wish to get the credit then MUST Reply before  18 March 2010!

Less than 10 hours force Notice!


Stupid Maxis!


WHY must I Reply if I NEVER Ask for it?



It is like a Bank will send you  a iPhone by automatically deducting your Bank balance if you NEVER reply to their Unwelcome notification Offer!

A Clever and Good way of Marketing?

Imaging your Credit Cards Company start to sending You Travel Holiday Packages or 58-Inch Widescreen Plasma TVs HDTV Offer and you forget to reply or too buzy or too late to reply, what happen?


You must be a “Proud” owner of this 58-Inch Widescreen Plasma TVs HDTV or “Enjoy” the Travel Holiday Packages even you NEVER ask for it!

This is truly an Unethical Business Practices!


Since when Maxis has started this Unethical Business Practices?

As a consumer, I know how and have a Right when to redeem my Hotlink Rewards.

I do not need any of these Unwelcome Notification Offer!


Would it be better if the SMS notification is Reword in this way?

Maxis Hotlink will credit RM13.00 to my account via deduction of my Hotlink Rewards Redemption latest by 25 March 2010. If you Wish to get the credit then  Reply before  18 March 2010!

When replying to reject the Unwelcome SMS, I get notification that Maxis Hotlink will send SMS approval by 25 March 2010, on whether my request is successfully.



I need to wait for approval for this Unwelcome SMS?


That why I said Maxis Hotlink Sucks!

12 Responses to “Maxis Hotlink Sucks”

  1. do you know what is the funniest message ever I got?They tried to ‘pujuk’ me back with their offer..(free sms..etc) to continue using their service..more time we ignore them.more offers coming..

    if we topup time to offers…that’s really sucks!

  2. Like me now,, i already change to Celcom…

  3. Hi Alan. I hope this post will reach the Maxis people or you can just write them a complaint and direct them to this post. Or, you already did that? 🙂

  4. Check if the sms is authentically from Maxis, it could be SCAM !

  5. The SMS is from Maxis…

    Got my approval FOR not auto deduct!

  6. good to hear that.. at least they know that people knew about this. care to let us know how you got them to cancel your auto deduct? i can share it with my maxis user friends, too 🙂

  7. Maxis aims high with non-voice operations

    It is projected to contribute 50% of group revenue in 2 to 3 years

    KUALA LUMPUR: Maxis Bhd aims to increase its non-voice contribution to over 50% of revenue in the next two to three years from about 35% last year, said chief operating officer Jean-Pascal Van Overbeke.

    He said the non-voice revenue was going to increase as this was part of the company’s plans to grow it on quarterly basis in the coming years.

    “It depends on how you define your category, either with just mobile or (something) else.

    “Our business is going to be more than mobile and this is part of our growth plans,” he said after announcing the sponsorship and acquisition of FIFA mobile content rights yesterday.

    He said the 2010 FIFA World Cup event would also help to boost the cellular company’s non-voice revenue.

    For the financial year ended Dec 31, 2009, Maxis’ non-voice revenue rose 14% compared with financial year 2008, driven by interest in advanced data services and strong device growth led by iPhone and BlackBerry.

    Its non-voice revenue for the fourth quarter grew by 8% to RM714mil compared with the third quarter due to an increase in SMS and advanced data services.

    With the broadcast sponsorship deal, Maxis will have the exclusive right to deliver live coverage of all 64 FIFA World Cup matches and its related content to customers in Malaysia from June 11 to July 11.

    Overbeke said Maxis was investing heavily in sponsorship and technology to deliver an unprecedented experience to Malaysians, particularly its over 12 million customers.

    “In addition, the investment of RM1.2bil in 2009 to upgrade and modernise our network will enable and facilitate the quality and seamless delivery of content to our customers,” he said.

    The company had spent RM4bil over the last four years to upgrade its network.

    Overbeke said Maxis customers would enjoy access to an exceptional range of exclusive World Cup services online and on their mobile phone and also enjoy a range of applications designed for the event.

  8. Maxis up on MSCI weightage change

    MSCI M’sia to change stock’s free float weightage to 0.30 from 0.25

    PETALING JAYA: Maxis Bhd, the country’s largest mobile phone operator, was actively traded on news that MSCI Malaysia will change the weightage of Maxis, raising its free float weightage from 0.25 to 0.30. The change is effective Aug 31.

    Maxis closed up 14 sen at RM5.43 on volume of 19 million shares.

    It will be the only stock to see a change in its free float. However, a few other stocks have small changes in their share capital, and these capital changes have also been adjusted for.

    “The largest positive change is to Maxis due to the free float change. Other large caps in general will see a drop in their weightage because Maxis’ has risen,” said a local research head. “There are 40 stocks in MSCI Malaysia.”

    There is also talk about a special dividend of up to 20 sen.

    “Last year Maxis paid gross dividend of over 70 sen per share. A 20 sen dividend is possible. After all they do have a dividend policy of paying out some 75% of their earnings,” said one dealer.

    Last year, Maxis said it planned to pay more than 75% of its annual profit as dividends. For the first quarter ended March 31, Maxis declared a first interim dividend of 8 sen per share.

    The dividend payout trend in the last two quarters showed that Maxis could pay a higher dividend this year.

    Maxis had also earlier made known its plans to raise RM4.5bil to repay a RM2.5bil bridging loan and to fund capital expenditure.

    CIMB Research said this implied that Maxis could fund its dividend payout with its operating cashflow. The research house is estimating a gross dividend per share of 45 sen for Maxis’ financial year ended Dec 31, 2010.

    Maxis posted a net profit of RM552mil, or 7.40 sen per share, for the three months ended March 31 from a net loss of RM42mil previously.

    Revenue improved to RM2.15bil from RM1.8bil for the period under review, mainly due to higher mobile subscription base.

    Maxis is looking to achieve 50% revenue from non-voice business by as early as 2012.

    Currently, Maxis’ non-voice revenue, which comes from text messages, mobile broadband, fixed-line broadband and mobile content like games and ringtones, represents about 35% of the total revenue.

    The move to grow non-voice business is essential for the company as stiff competition among operators has resulted in lower call rates.

    Maxis now has more than 12 million customers.

    In a separate development, Maxis has reportedly hired DBS Group Holdings Ltd and Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp for a 10-year loan.

    The loan is a US$100mil (RM320mil) term facility.

  9. Maxis makes strong turnaround in Q2

    Telco enjoys improved earnings margin

    KUALA LUMPUR: Maxis Bhd posted a net profit of RM532mil for the second quarter ended June 30 against a net loss RM32mil a year earlier. Its revenue for the quarter rose to RM2.19bil versus RM1.79bil previously.

    The telco’s profit from operations stood at RM720mil while earnings per share was 7.10 sen against a loss per share of 0.6 sen.

    Chief financial officer Rossana Annizah Rashid said the losses were incurred by its Indonesian subsidiary prior to the restructuring of the group’s initial public offer.

    In the notes accompanying the company’s financial results, Maxis said the comparatives figures did not represent a like-for-like comparison of the operational performance of the group because of the accounting treatment adopted for the business combination by Maxis, which was completed on Oct 1 last year.

    Maxis also declared an interim dividend of 8 sen per share totaling up to RM600mil payout.

    As at June 30, the company has a cash balances of RM907mil.

    Maxis’ EBITDA margin for the second quarter was lower at at 46.9% against 50.3% in the preceeding quarter.

    Chief executive officer Sandip Das said the group’s earnings before interest, taxation, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) margin was impacted slightly due to the cost incurred for the 2010 FIFA World Cup sponsorship.

    “It (spending on the World Cup campaign) is a one-off thing. It is in line with the World Cup promotion campaign that we were conducting in the second quarter,” he said at a briefing to announce its results yesterday.

    Rossana expects an improvement in its EBITDA margin in the current quarter when asked if its margin would trend downwards or return to the level in the first quarter.

    As a result of the lower EBITDA and higher finance costs partly offset by lower depreciation charge, there was a pre-tax profit of RM720mil, 6% lower than the preceding quarter. As a result, its profit for the period was lower at RM532mil versus RM552mil in the first quarter.

    For the six months ended June 30, Maxis’ net profit stood at RM1.08bil on revenue of RM4.3bil.

    Commenting on its result, Das said the group showed a “very strong all rounder results.”

    He said the group managed to add 280,000 net subscribers in the second quarter with its total subscribers increased to 12.97 million mobile subscribers.

    Maxis’ has a total of 2.68 million postpaid subscribers, 9.84 million prepaid and 448,000 wireless broadband subscribers. Its broadband registered the strongest growth in the quarter under review increasing 43.1% to 448,000 from 313,000 subscribers.

    On its average revenue per user (ARPU), Das said it remained relatively stable during the quarter.

    Its blended ARPU stood at RM51 againts RM52 in the preceding quarter.

    Das said Maxis recorded a non-voice revenues of 36.6% of mobile revenues.

    On its cost initiatives, Maxis, he said was already following through on RM100mil savings to be realised in the short to medium term.

    While the group continues to focus on achieving an efficient cost structure, it is currently having to increase its investments, including subsidies and operating expenses to support its broadband and data business, which will provide significant revenue in future.

    On the outlook, Maxis expects a higher revenue growth momentum with the encouraging demand for broadband and mobile Internet access. “The recent regulatory changes on termination rates are not expected to have a material impact on the group’s results, based on current forecast of traffic pattern.

    “The group will continue to fortify its market leadership by providing more innovative new products and services to satisfy customer needs, investing in the network including increasing the high-speed wireless broadband coverage and deploying new capabilities via its information technology transformation,” it said.

    Das said the group had been in talks with Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM) for the latter’s High-Speed BroadBand network wholesale access. “It has been an amicable discussion with TM. We are waiting for TM and hope they will come back to us soon,” Das said the discussion was very much towards an agreement, access pricing and others.

    An analyst said there were no surprises on Maxis latest results. However, he said the only surprise was the sharp erosion on the telco EBITDA margin. He said the dividend of 8 sen was not a surprise either and expects the group to be on track to deliver at least 75% of dividend payout.

    Another analyst said Maxis headline numbers were below her expectations without elaborating more as she was waiting for the conference call with Maxis.

  10. Maxis first to offer phone with WP7

    PETALING JAYA: Maxis Bhd will be the first telco in Malaysia to release HTC’s new HD7 which carries the Windows Phone 7 (WP7) operating system for mobile platforms.

    Chief operating officer Jean-Pascal van Overbeke said the offering is aimed at boosting user experience from its combination of device and system design in tandem with Maxis’ high-speed mobile data network and integrated services platform.

    “Our partnership puts Maxis customers first when it comes to enjoyment of the widest variety of advanced devices, together with the latest advancements in operating systems,” he said in a statement yesterday.

    The HD7 boasts a 4.3in screen, eight megapixel camera and 16Gb internal memory among other features.

    The new WP7 operating system has also been acclaimed for its neat system of integrated homescreen shortcuts to high quality control over live updates for social networking mobile sites and an ability to integrate with Xbox Live for mobile gaming, said van Overbeke.

    “This continues our track record of offering devices that are constantly expanding in their applications.”

  11. I called maxis service to enquire why my balance is reduced to 0.04 sen because as far as i remember i had rm96 in my prepaid account. I had to top-up before I could call customers service. I was left hanging for several minutes before it was cut off by a message showing a further reduction on my top-up. a second call was ignored and another message informed me I was charged again for the second call which the service consultant didnt bother to reply. Your service really sucks. Think I will switch to digi.

  12. Yeah right! Hotlink customer service sucks!

    Customers are expected to pay for their 1300- help lines. And most of the time, only some stupid music is played. I had enough of Hotlink!!!

    The more loyal you are to Hotlink, the more expensive your plan is going to be. I was shock of being charged RM26.40 for 21minutes call. When called up the customer service which made me waited for long, I was told the plan i inherited from my sister was old Talk plan whereby call initiated outstation is charged RM1.20. Damn! The call rate only gotten revised up but not the other way round! And the 1300 call costs me another RM3. Damn you Hotlink!