NGV Car Explosion! Is NGV safe?

Everybody is feeling the pain now with recent price increase of RM0.78 sen a litre for Petrol and RM1 for diesel. It is NOT surprise everyone is looking to save petrol money by installing Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) kit.

NGV is among the cleanest burning fuels in the world. Test have shown that vehicles running on NGV produce average 70% less carbon monoxide and other harmful compound compared with Petrol powered vehicles. It is also result Environmental friendly and Lower of car maintenance charges as Engine parts like spark plugs, engine oil, oil filter and exhaust system stay cleaner.

Safety measure like not smoking, avoid using mobile phone and turn off the engine while filling NGV should be adhere all the times.

I have been wondering whether NGV usage is safe? I have been reading a lot about NGV at paper lately and thinking installing the NGV kit for my car and this question popped up.

If you are a NGV user, what your views on this? Please do share your comments.

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  1. Now people are inventing water cell for fuel replacement.

    “Hydrogen HHO technology is proven to lower fuel costs,
    increase mileage – and help the environment.”

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  2. My Car Wira 1.3GL is running Both NGV and OxyHydro Generator (Water Fuel System)!
    I get to save approx 15-20% even with NGV on the freeway.
    170km now 200km on freeway. Thats just a test but its been positive so far. City Driving however its still difficult to see the savings as its like 5-10% the most. However switching to petrol I save 20% on city driving havent tried state driving though.
    Been using NGV for 2 years I previously had alot of problems like my engine dies halfway on the road or explosion in the engine (misfire) due to NGV long use. Changed my spark plug like twice. Then came when my car couldn’t eat petrol. Thus I wasn’t able to climb the 45 degree slope even though i switch to petrol. Changed my clutch to fix the problem but it wasn’t. Engine dies every morning while I drive halfway. Considered it as a norm as NGV driver.
    But after fixing the water system, I have no more of the problems I faced for 1 and a half year. My power of my NGV increased after fixing the water system Oxy Hydro Generator. I even climbed slope 45degree with 4 passengers, full petrol tank and a NGV tank in my car and by god I got the car climbing even with NGV and water (I didnt switch to petrol to climb!) Well thats just the feedback of what I’ve experience and tested.Its like driving on petrol but not as powerfula s pettrol if you know what i mean
    Check it here below the link!

    why the difference with your product OxyHydro Generator compared to Dr.
    Halim Hydrofuel system?

    Pretty simple, our unit is made of pure steel and can withstand extreme
    hit which there for has a longer lifespan of up to 8 years (as declared by
    the manufacturer)
    The unit itself is also being used in diesel engines and cars which are
    higher cc of 2.0 and above as well.
    So no worries of it melting in your car as it is not made of plastic.
    Steel itself is expensive and heavy. The cost of delivery itself from
    Australia has incurred cost. Well additional RM200 is worth the bargain.
    The best part! You dun have to have additional 5 litre tank behind your
    boot. Infact the tank is the HFS70 unit.
    Enuff said..:)

    They have a water tank of 5 litres
    Ours done as the unit itself has a tank HFS70

    These are the main differences but of course we have to wait for more
    details about their product as I still couldnt access any further
    information on their web as it is still under construction

    Other thing is people claim using HHO create water at exhaust pipe which
    make it rust, is that true?Any risk of oxidize/rusting in the internal
    combustion system?inner
    block?pistons?bearings?exhaust system?
    The water vapor is very hot inside the engine, and cleans but does not
    cause rust to form since the temperature is very high and there’s enough
    lubrication by the gasoline. The water vapor and hydrogen clean the carbon
    deposits off the valves, passages, pistons, rings, etc, and that’s why the
    engine becomes smoother.

    It is cooler in the converter and back pipe, but it’s not much different
    than driving in the rain or any humid area/weather.

    In the bottom line this technology has the overall effect, in the long
    run, of LESS maintenance, FEWER breakdowns, not more. Most people are
    interested in saving right now at the gas pump, and that’s OK, however the
    benefits of less pollution and less maintenance are there too.

    Here are the things you as a consumer should consider
    1) Car Warranty
    Still a gray area for all the devices you are considering as JPJ, Puspakom
    is still under progress on approval but eventually it will.
    Check with the are dealers as well but as far as I know they are also
    waiting for approval.
    2) Unit Durability
    The Unit HFS70 is made of pure steel can withstand heat even in high cc
    capacity cars including diesel has a lifespan of 8 years (as admited by
    Plastic even high durabilty ones will eventually melt after years of use
    Handmade ones though cheap uses steel coils which will eventually corrode
    and rust in use. The unit I have uses steel plate which will not corrode.
    3) Unit Warranty
    HFS70 is 2 years warranty 1 to 1 exchange if unit is in anyway defect.
    The Eletronic EFIE however is 1 month as I purchased in the US in bulk.
    The Electronics however is not a machinery and therefore would last for
    years of use.
    4) Fuel Injection Car
    Your Car requires HFS70 and EFIE.
    5) After Sales Service
    6) Maintenance Cost
    RM20 every six months. Refills of RO or Distill water when the water
    reaches to a low level.
    7)Longetivity of Car
    Our unit does not affect your car longevity. But infact prolongs it.
    However, if you purchase units from another dealer, be aware
    – Plastic units melt in high heat
    – The solution used as electrolytes crystallizes in the engine if they are
    using baking soda.
    8) Guaranted Savings
    I will be honest and not guarantee savings. However
    Average users achieves 20%-30% on normal driving.
    15% on slow traffic and jams
    35% and above on freeway
    Please check with the dealers and ask them to be honest with you when they
    guarantee you 50% savings.
    9) Number of types of cars installed
    We have so far more than 42 types of cars installed
    10) Brochures
    Check it here
    11) Research and ROI Calculation
    Check it out here
    12) Understand the Technology and its Mechanics
    Google “HHO Generator” and find out more.
    13) Installation period
    2 Days. HFS only takes few hours.
    EFIE may take a day, MAP and O2 Sensors requires to be found. Wiring must
    be done by a professional wiring man would take a day.
    Give me two days the most.
    14) Product Price

    Melvin Lee

  3. Actually NGV usage is generally safe and the explosion that happen in Cheras recently is not due to NGV as you notice from the photo above the NGV tank is intact. As reported in local chinese newspaper it was due to a domestic gas tank that exploded which was stored in the boot. Question is what was the domestic gas tank doing in the boot? Only the owner knows the real truth.
    I have been using NGV since Jan 2008 and the savings is well worth it. I am happy to announce I have since recovered my initial investment only after using for 5 months.

  4. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  5. Government denies claims that RON95 causes fire during accidents

    KUALA LUMPUR: Claims that RON95 petrol causes fire during accidents as it is high in benzene is not true, Dewan Negara heard Thursday.

    Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Deputy Minister Datuk Rohani Abdul Karim said studies showed that the fires were caused by sparks, the engine, leaks or spills at the fuel tank.

    “RON95 meets specification of EURO2M to reduce pollution from sulphur emission as its contains only 5% benzene.

    “Benzene acts as octane booster and replaces lead,” she added.

    RON or Research Obtain Number determines the petrol’s anti-knock quality or resistance to pre-ignition.

    Rohani told Senator Ahmad Hussin that the petrol contains 95% iso-octane and the rest heptane while RON97 has 3% heptane.

    “It is the best choice for Malaysians. The government will never harm the people,” she added.

    The government stopped the use of leaded petrol in the 1990s as it could cause cancer and not environment friendly.

    It was replaced with RON92 which was stopped on September 1 last year and replaced with RON95 and RON97.

  6. Rohani: 200 NGV stations enough

    THE authorities believe that 200 natural gas vehicle (NGV) stations are enough to cater to the needs of all vehicles using environmentally-friendly fuel.

    So far, there are 44,156 vehicles which use NGV, of which 97% are taxis, 486 are buses and 46 are lorries.

    Deputy Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Minister Datuk Rohani Abdul Karim said 39 stations were now undergoing construction and 17 more were being planned.

    At present, there are 144 NGV stations in Selangor, Federal Territory, Johor, Negri Sembilan, Malacca, Penang, Kedah and Terengganu.

    “We believe 200 NGV stations will be adequate to cater to the market,” she told Senator Datuk Mohammed Najeeb Abdullah.

    Rohani said the number of NGV vehicles had increased from 19,000 in 2005 to 39,000 in 2008.