Credit Cards… A Powerful Wealth Tool!

If you use credit cards wisely, it is a very POWERFUL wealth-building tool! Try to use credit cards for every single possible purchase.

By using credit cards you gain…

  • Interest free loan

When you buy a product using your credit card, you will only be billed for it at the end of the month. You got to use or take your purchase back without paying cash until your bank statement arrived. It allow you to postpone the payment of your bills free from any interest if payment is made before the due date. All retail transactions will enjoyed an Interest-Free Period of at least 20 days from posting date of such transactions. This is maybe why T.Harv Eker, author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, use this as a business start up capital!

  • Bonus Reward(One  dollars for every points)

For every purchase you make on your credit cards, it will earn you bonus reward points which you can use to redeem for free products and services like camera, hand phone, bags, retail, shopping and dining vouchers, saving you Even More MONEY.

  • A monthly statement that Consolidates all your Spending

Every month, the credit card company will tabulate for you the total spending for the month, making it easy for you to track your total expenditure. So it CAN become a FREE Money Management Tool. I use one card for petrol expenses and the other card for utility and daily spending. You save time and money as it not necessary to learn or buy Expensive Money Management software.

However, you MUST ALWAYS PAY THE OUTSTANDING BALANCE in full balance Every month. By this way. the bank does not earn a cent off you, but you get the Three Great benefits mentioned above. This is what I do and that is why my bankers CANNOT promote their Balance Transfer programme to me.


Research showed an average Only one-third of cardholders settle their outstanding amount in full every month.


SO USE YOUR CREDIT CARDS WISE & DO NOT  FALL INTO CREDIT CARDS DEBT. Don’t forget to pay your credit cards’ bills before the due date.


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