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What is Mobile Number Portability?

From next month, mobile phone users in Kuala Lumpur will benefit from the "Mobile Number Portability”(MNP) system which allows them to switch Service Providers while retaining their numbers. These facilities will be available throughout the country from October 2008.   Countries like Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, the United States, Europe, Australia, South Korea and […]

Should YOU Invest in Stock Market Now?

The first half year was a tough one for stock market investors and the bad news is that most people believe it won’t get easier any time soon.   The Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange Index-probably the most watched stock index in Malaysia- has dropped 22% this year. A 20% decline is widely considered by analyst […]

Credit Cards… A Powerful Wealth Tool!

If you use credit cards wisely, it is a very POWERFUL wealth-building tool! Try to use credit cards for every single possible purchase. By using credit cards you gain… Interest free loan When you buy a product using your credit card, you will only be billed for it at the end of the month. You […]