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You know that in order to succeed in your online business, it is very important to choose the best web site hosting service and a good domain name  for your web sites.

Believe it or not,  you can get a Top Quality Web Hosting and come with a FREE  .com domain name with only $9.95 a year!

Yes….2 in 1 only at $9.95 a year!

But, there is just one small catch!

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This Web Hosting is by SiteGround, one of the World Best Web Hosting Company.

It offer UNLIMITED Disk Space and UNLIMITED Monthly Bandwidth for your web hosting need.

This Web Hosting package consist of:

Web Hosting Benefits

The Perfect Web Hosting solution for personal and small business websites.

* Most technically advanced host
* Experienced and friendly staff
* 24/7 top customer care
* 99.9% server uptime
* FREE domain name
* FREE Sitebuilder
* Unlimited traffic
* Unlimited web space
* Unlimited email accounts

Value-Packed Extras

Exclusive set of web hosting extras for a better webmaster experience.
* State-of-the-art User Area
* Easy-to-use control panel
* Full domain name control
* SEO tools for website promotion
* Google Webmaster Tools
* Search engines submission
* Free Ecommerce & marketing packs
* 3000+ free articles and tutorials
* Weekly offsite backups

Premium Functionality

Industry-leading website hosting features and functionality.
* Easy-to-use Sitebuilder
* Award winning Joomla platform
* Industry-leading CMS apps
* Powerful shopping carts
* Popular blogging tools
* Interactive forum boards
* Smart photo galleries
* Easy-to-integrate counters
* Advanced SEO and Google tools

Devoted Support

Outstanding technical assistance for a superior customer experience.
* Experienced and friendly staff
* 24/7 professional customer service
* 15min average ticket response time
* Multi-level support structure
* State-of-the-art HelpDesk system
* Free templates & installation
* Free scripts & installation
* Free file transfer for transfer clients
* 3000+ free articles and tutorials

Reliable Servers

Powerful hardware and software for a fast and reliable web hosting service.
* Four datacenter locations
* 1200+ hosting servers
* Industry-leading hardware
* Optimized server performance
* Innovative in-house software platform
* High-capacity bandwidth providers
* Multiple layers of network security
* Fully redundant architecture
* 24/7 live server monitoring

About SiteGround
* Over 5 years professional experience in the IT industry
* A rich and constantly-growing portfolio of web hosting services
* Accommodating more than 250 000 domains and counting
* Profound technical expertise and in-house technology investments
* Over 1100 servers in 4 geographically dispersed data centers

SiteGround’s Data Center
SiteGround uses some of the largest Data Center providers to deliver unmatched network speed and capacity, which eliminates bandwidth traffic jams and roadblocks to assure instantaneous response to your hosted servers and applications.

We have chosen our current data-centers after careful investigation, as they have proven to be among the most reliable in the USA.

The continuous monitoring, upgrading and securing of the servers are performed by the highly qualified team of SiteGround system administrators.
The 5 geographically dispersed Data Centers (in Houston, Dallas and Chicago, USA) provide to our clients fully redundant network architecture with no single points of failure.

Servers within our data centers are fed power through an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) that takes raw power from a utility to control, modulate, and supply it to thousands of individual servers. The UPS prevents power surges or local brown outs from affecting server performance.

Some of our DCs features:

* Dry-pipe water-based fire suppression system with laser-based pre-fire detection mechanism (VESDA)

* Fully automatic and intelligent temperature and climate control system with humidity and temperature sensors

* 24×7 security staffing with biometric and key card access control, including man-traps and cab lock mechanisms

* On-site data center operations and network operations suites staffed 24×7 by hardware engineers.

Network Features:

* Fully redundant network architecture with no single points of failure
* Industry-leading network bandwidth capacity: 250+ gigabits/second
* Multiple layers of network security
* Centralized network monitoring in the Network Operations Center (NOC)
* Multiple concurrent, high-capacity Tier 1 bandwidth providers
* Network POPs across 5 cities and 2 continents

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