KFC i-City Worker Fight With Customer

Customer Is Always Right?

Do you agreed?


I hope KFC Malaysia – Kentucky Fried Chicken will investigate this serious incident that happen at KFC i-city, Shah Alam, Malaysia.  The KFC’s staff was fighting and hitting their  customer. According to an eye witness, this incident happen around 10:30pm. 6 February 2012(Public Holiday). This incident got to do with the Groupon Voucher last minutes redemption. Read information below for more detail. 

A Hungry man is Indeed an Angry man!

Just watched the video below to find out more what exactly happen at KFC Malaysia – Kentucky Fried Chicken :


Pekerja KFC yang kurang ajar



KFC worker fight with customer in I-City…the customer were waited for more than 1 hour but when comes to his turn, there is NO MORE fried chicken for him… the customer request the management to apologize but the useless Store Manager doing nothing instead the worker shouted at customer – “kalau mau makan, buat sendiri lah  XXX ..” ….


Pekerja KFC yang Kurang Ajar


Pelanggan memang tak marah dengan perkatan yang buruk, belia cuma cakap dia akan complaint kat I-City saja…. tetapi, ganasnya pekerja KFC tersebut, ambil besi dari dapur nak hantam kat pelanggan tu… walaupun video ni tak boleh nampak besi yang pekerja pegang tetapi boleh dengar bunyinya….

sebab-sebab video inin dirakamkan adalah untuk bukti saja… janganlah orang yang tidak berada kat situ cakapkan yang bukan-bukan; aku rasa pelanggan tersebut memang tidak bersalah, sebab aku pun tunggu lebih dari 45 minutes untuk dapatkan makanan saja dimana depan saya cuma 5 pelanggan saja…

kalau ayam dah habis, cakap je elok2 dgn customer, kita orang memang faham…



Youtube video maker gives take on KFC scuffle


The person behind the Youtube account Jess6366, who had uploaded two videos of iCity KFC workers allegedly assaulting a customer, today came forward to give her account of the incident.



I agreed that  customers are not always right. However, physically attacking a customer for being verbally abusive is an act of violence, totally wrong and must be avoided at all cost.  This is a criminal act. The staff  Should  NOT have taken matters into their own hands and hit their customers.

On the other hand, customers are not given the right or privileged of making bad statements, cursing or even scream or yell at the staff.

The outlet manager should have immediately stepped in at the first sign of trouble to resolve the issue in a professional manner. I’m sure the outlet manager was “trained” to tackle any complaints in diplomatic and professional way that make every of the customers like to dine in the restaurant and come back again. Probably, I’m guessing even the manager was not properly “trained” by KFC!

We paid to eat at  KFC, off course no one deserve to be treated that way. I believed customer(no one) should be treated this way and are not going to pay for this kind of treatment. Some even say KFC has become a Kentucky Fighting Club/Finger lickin good or Fighting Lagi Good, even you for the Service Tax!

I’ve visited few KFC’s outlets and found their service is very bad and not professional at all nowadays. When I complaint to KFC, their standard answer reply “Thanks for your feedback once again Alan. We will look into this matter and rectify this with the team. Once again, thank you and have a splendid day ahead:)”.  No proper follow up after that?



Reply from KFC on Facebook fan page:


7 February 2012:

Dear all, thanks for your concerns in highlighting this issue to us. We have begun the investigation on this issue immediately and we assure you that all appropriate action will be taken and any violations of our strict operating standards have been addressed. Thanks.

8 February 2012:

Dear all, we are aware of the video and are currently investigating the issue. The staff involved have been suspended, pending for investigation at this point of time. Once the investigation is complete, we will take all appropriate action to address any violation of our strict operating procedures and customer service standards. Thanks!

9 February 2012:

1) Dear Facebook Friends: Just to update all of you. We are indeed aware of the video and we’re still in the midst of investigating the issue. Once the investigation is completed, the team will take appropriate action to address any violation of our strict operating procedures and customer service standards. We will keep each of you posted on the updates of our findings. Thank you everyone for your concern once again.

2) Dear Facebook Friends:
Since being alerted to the incident, we initiated an extensive internal investigation. The individual who was directly involved has been suspended and we have lodged a police report. We have also suspended other members of the team as we attempt to fully understand what happened.

The confrontation in the video is counter to all of KFC Malaysia’s values, standards and code of ethics.

KFC Malaysia has a broad and diverse employee base of about 14,000 across more than 500 outlets in Malaysia. We place respect of the relationship and trust between our customers and our employees at the heart of everything we do. We tolerate nothing that undermines this.

We conduct regular training sessions across all restaurants and all members of the team. Each of our restaurant is monitored to ensure that the quality, safety and experience, as a valued customer or an employee, is as rewarding as it possibly can be. It failed on this occasion. Aside from taking action around this incident we will build on and further improve the existing programme.

Again, THANK YOU for your concern and support of KFC.

10 February 2012:

1) To all our Facebook Friends, we hear you out and are aware of your thoughts and concern in this incident. We truly appreciate your thoughts in this matter, from the bottom our hearts. With much regrets, the incident that had taken place is still at the point of scrutiny. Updates will be posted soon. Appreciate your kind patience and understanding.

2) Friends of KFC Malaysia, first and foremost thank you for all your concern highlighted on the latest incident. Nevertheless, with much sincerity kindly hear the words from our Management. Thank you.


KFC Malaysia – Message from Deputy President- 10 February 2012



13 February 2012:

Dear all, we thank you for all the pouring comments and concerns you have raised towards this issue. We hear you and assure each of you that we are doing our best to handle this. Your patience and understanding is much appreciated at this point of time. Do stay tune as we update you on this issue. Thank u once again.

15 February 2012:

Dear all,THANK YOU once again on the astounding concerns you have shown across and we truly appreciate each and every of your remarks towards the latest incident.
Nevertheless, we do express our deepest regrets towards the incident occurred and soon we’ll be resolving this issue as the investigation is soon coming to an end. Apart from that, we would like to urge all our dearest friends not to further speculate this issue to become racist in nature. We truly appreciate each and every of your feedback. THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN.

18 February 2012:

To all our dearest customer, fans and friends of KFC Malaysia, accordingly to the recent incident at our outlet in i-City Shah Alam on 6 February 2012 and would like to extend our sincere apologies to all our customers who were present during that day, particularly to Mr Danny Ng Chee Fei, for the unsatisfactory services rendered by our staff and the inconvenience caused.
Our Management has met with Mr Danny Ng and his family and they have accepted our apology. We deeply regret the occurrence of this incident and would like to assure you that it was related to the quality of service provided and not due to any other reason whatsoever. Rest assured, all relevant steps are being taken to review and improve our training programme to avoid the recurrence of such incidents and to provide only the best service to you.
We truly treasure all your comments which have helped us to improve our service and rectify any shortcomings.On behalf of KFC Malaysia, we thank you for your concern and continuous support.

Solving Things Amicably…From left: Mr Danny Ng and his family members together with Mr Alan Au, Deputy President, KFC Malaysia; Mr Conrad De Lima, Vice President, KFC Operations and Puan Rosniza Baharum, General Manager, Group Corporate Communications

Comment from an eye witness when the incident took place:

My family and I were there in KFC when it happened, we also queued and waited from 8pm to 10pm to get our food. The store should have informed customers if they are running out of food. To be honest a few customers were verbally abusive after having to wait for so long… and if not mistaken, this guy attacked first.


KFC assault victim denies provoking attack


The victim who was allegedly assaulted by a Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) staff on Monday, denied the accusation that he provoked the incident by uttering racial or discriminatory words at the fast food retailer’s workers.



My comment:

This incident happen because customers bought the [40% Off] i-City: 1 SnoWalk + 1 Ferris Wheel Ride + 1 Outdoor Ride + KFC Combo Meal for RM33 instead of RM55-over 1,591 Groupon Voucher  was sold and the redemption expired of the Feb 8, 2012. So there was a big rush to claim the FREE KFC Combo Meal  since it’s a public holiday and people queue for more than 2 hours untill to the restaurant’s door. The KFC never expect such a big crowd to claim the food vouchers. Let KFC do their investigation for  more detail.

P/S: Why most Malaysians likes to  do thing at last minutes/days 🙁

** There is no excuse for allowed the gangsterism culture within the corporation!

The main questions now are:

  1. Why KFC management  never  issue any apologize to the assaults victim as at 10 Feb when the incident happen on 6 Feb?
  2. Why it takes so long for them to investigate?


Detail of Groupon Voucher Offer:

[40% Off] i-City: 1 SnoWalk + 1 Ferris Wheel Ride + 1 Outdoor Ride + KFC Combo Meal for RM33 instead of RM55

  • SnoWalk: 50,000 sq ft. arctic environment with below 5 degree celcius for family fun.
  • SnoWalk, 1 Ferris wheel ride and 1 outdoor ride.
  • Scenic view from the Giant Ferris Wheel, 100m above the Federal Highway.
  • KFC meal: 2 pieces of fried chicken, 1 regular Potato Wedges and 1 regular Coleslaw.
  • Winter jacket provided for SnoWalk.
  • Largest 2-tier carousel in the country.
  • Outdoor rides: Largest 2-tier carousel in Malaysia, Spacewalk, SuperSwing, Pirate Ship, Cross Country Bumper Car and Circus Travel.


Fine Print
  • Redemption period: Jan 25, 2012 – Feb 8, 2012.
  • Redemption valid Mon – Fri: 10am – 10pm (including public holidays).
  • Vouchers must be redeemed at: Voucher Redemption Centre, C-27-G, Jalan Multimedia 7/AH, CityPark, i-City, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor.
  • SnoWalk valid Mon – Fri: 10am – 10pm(including public holidays).
  • Outdoor rides valid Mon – Fri: 5pm – 10pm (including public holidays).
  • May buy and use many.
  • Voucher valid for both adults and children.
  • Outdoor rides valid for those 89cm and above only.
  • Slippers as footwear are not allowed.
  • Meal is redeemable strictly at KFC@i-City, A-11-G, Jalan Multimedia 7/AH, CityPark, i-City, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor only.
  • Valid at i-City (03-5521 8439).
    – Call from Mon – Fri: 10am – 7pm (not including public holidays)


i-City, The Coolest Hotspot In Town


SnoWalk, a 50,000 sq ft Arctic environment attraction with 100 tons of ice sculptures that were shaped by a team of 30 ice sculptors from Harbin, China. At below 5 degrees Celsius temperature and 100mm of snow on the ground, SnoWalk will be a unique family leisure attraction and the snowfall experience will be the ‘piece de resistance’ of SnoWalk.




KFC Malaysia – Kentucky Fried Chicken has got the publicity/attraction for wrong reason last year.


Malaysia KFC



Kentucky Fried Chicken Malaysia Staff with Stupid Behavior


Please do not post anything racism. This is not about race, this is about morality and behavior amongst Malaysian (some).



KFC Malaysia – Message from Director of Restaurant Operations


KFC Malaysia’s Director of Restaurant Operations, En. Mohammad Alwi addresses the public and valued customers of KFC.



KFC Malaysia – Message from Director of Restaurant Operations (Bahasa)


KFC Quality Assurance:  (taken from KFC Malaysia’s website)
KFC is the largest fast-food chain in Malaysia and Brunei, serving world famous Original Recipe fried chicken which contains secret blend of 11 herbs and spices. Apart from serving finger-licking good food, we continuously aim for high quality and are committed to ensure food safety by stringent control to maintain our standards.

Our Products

We cook our products well above the minimum temperature recommended by WHO. We have developed standard procedure that would minimize risk of cross contamination between raw and ready-to-eat products.

We provide information on the nutritional values of KFC products to assist our customers in planning a wholesome and balanced meal. For frying all of our products, we use non-hydrogenated palm oil that contains insignificant amount of trans fat and it is 100% cholesterol free.

We have a team of food technologists constantly experimenting with new flavors and creative concepts to provide more value, choices and healthy options for our customers. Apart from introducing international products into our market, we have also developed some popular local flavors designed to enable our customers to enjoy an exciting dining experience.

Quality control begins from the supply of all the raw materials. We conduct an annual supplier audit, namely the STAR Audit, which is a YUM proprietary programme, similar in many ways to the ISO approach. The STAR Audit comprises two versions; the Food Safety and the Quality Systems Audits. The STAR Audit is either conducted by a third party international auditing company appointed by YUM or our very own team of professional food technologists from the KFC Quality Assurance Department.

Supplier Quality

The results are reported to and reviewed by our regional franchisor for continuous improvement. Suppliers’ performances are constantly monitored through regular submission of quality reports. In addition, our food technologists also conduct quarterly QA evaluations on our in-house suppliers.

We use top quality raw materials from reputable suppliers such as Nestle, UBF, Kerry Ingredients, LambWeston, Simplot, McCain and Jomalina, as well as from our in-house suppliers such as Ayamas, Region Food, KFC Bakery and KFC Commissary.

Our chicken supplier Ayamas is monitored closely by Department of Veterinary Service and has obtained the VHM (Veterinary Health Mark) Logo. It is also an ISO 9001 certified company. All Ayamas chickens are slaughtered by personnel certified by Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor to ensure Halal procedures are met.

Restaurant Quality

The main attributes for KFC restaurant excellence are CHAMPS.
C – Cleanliness
H – Hospitality
A – Accuracy
M – Maintenance
P – Product Quality
S – Speed of Service

We have a field service team of QA personnel (also known as CHAMPS Recognition Specialist) to conduct regular evaluations in every KFC restaurants throughout the country. The evaluation covers all aspects of CHAMPS including the cleanliness and sanitation of the premises and equipment, personal hygiene, hospitality/friendliness in service, accuracy in the serving order, good maintenance, product quality standards and speed of service.

Above all, we follow strict temperature control and shelf life to ensure the food served to our customers is fresh and safe.

We have a Mystery Customer Program known as CHAMPSCHECK which evaluates customers experience in our KFC restaurants. We have appointed a reputable surveillance company to check against the CHAMPS concept. Every restaurant is subjected to a visit by a Mystery Customer and the dine-in / take-away experience is evaluated and scored. KFC sets a minimum standard of 90% as passing score for this evaluation. Feedbacks taken from this evaluation is used and studied for continuous improvement in our restaurants.

KFC HACCP Programme
We have also established a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Programme for KFC restaurants. HACCP is a management system for the assurance of food safety. The process includes identifying, evaluating and controlling hazards i.e. physical, biological and chemical to ensure food safety. It is applied from receiving of raw materials at our restaurant until serving to our customers. KFC KLCC has been audited and certified by a reputable certification body since 2005. All the established Critical Control Points (CCPs) are now included in our Daily Operations Checklist which is used by all the KFC restaurants in the country.

Sanitation / Personal Hygiene
Our daily operations manual clearly highlights each step of the sanitation procedure to ensure strict compliance to the KFC requirement. Each staff has to undergo the Food Handler’s Course conducted internally by KFC which is recognized by the Ministry of Health.

We have implemented a handwashing procedure to ensure each staff washes his/her hands at least once every hour and whenever necessary. The procedures include wetting hands first, then rubbing the hands together, fingers between fingers, around the wrist and up to the elbow with liquid antibacterial handsoap, for 30 seconds. Then the hands are rinsed with clean water under the hands-free tap, and dried with single-use paper towels.

No bare hands are allowed to touch any finished products. Instead, we constantly stress on the importance of using disposable gloves, sanitized scoops or tongs.

All our restaurant teams including managers are immunized against Typhoid upon employment.

Pest Control
Due to the encouraging conditions in the tropical climate, pest control is indeed a challenge. However, we relentlessly continue to maintain our standards and have engaged reputable pest control companies to assist us in this matter.

The trained service teams conduct regular inspections which include night treatment after operation hours and also provide follow-up checks during operation hours whenever needed, in every restaurant. There is a detailed checklist to ensure that no steps are missed. All pesticides are approved by Pesticide Board and have Material Safety Data Sheet on file for staff reference. Each pest control company will present periodic trend reports of pest activity to the management for corrective actions and remedy.

The total cost for all the services nationwide is approximately half a million ringgit annually.

37 Responses to “KFC i-City Worker Fight With Customer”

  1. ILoveMeSomeChicken on February 8th, 2012 at 9:30 am

    Customers are always right. In terms of being professional, the staff shouldn’t have hit the customer even if the customer was being extremely rude. Persevere and make a report if customer gets over-aggressive. As for the whole incident, I’m surprised that no one is telling about the whole incident about the customer being racially abusive. Mind you, everyone was waiting for chicken, he didn’t have to call names.

  2. whatever it is, try to get the fact right..because whoever was there, know the real story..and from what i heard, the customer start to insult with lots of provoking words before the ruckus start..1 hour wait and u still can’t get it..just forget bout it..for me, even 15 mins wait is maximum for me..just plain crazy from both party..

  3. Yeah, I agree with costarica, bcos of the food get discount, so they would wait for the food for so long…..if I were the staff of KFC, I think I would just shut the door and stop customer from walking in, bcos I do no have enough food for customers. Come on, customers is not always right!!! Just put urself into other people’s shoes!!

  4. Typical Malaysian isn’t it – love cheap stuff…

    the racial abuse is extremely extreme – where is the “One Malaysia” spirit?

    The management of KFC should also share the blame on this….


    “OneMalaysia” macam macam ada….

  5. KFC worker punches customer

    A YouTube video shows that the fast food giant not only serves fried chicken but also aims punches at its customers.

    PETALING JAYA: A KFC employee was seen punching a customer in the face before dozens of hungry waiting patrons. He was seen doing so moments after his co-workers confronted the patron en masse.

    Uploaded on YouTube on Feb 6, a 28-second video showed the fight allegedly taking place at KFC’s I-City outlet in Shah Alam. Early in the video, several of the blue-shirted employees charged out from behind the counter, gesturing threateningly at the customer.

    “Sekarang nak apa! (What do you want now!)” several of the workers shouted at the customer, both of whom were separated only by two frantic-looking women.

    One of the workers was seen pushing back his colleagues in an attempt to calm them down, and stopped a man who seemed to be running towards the customer.

    Just then, one of the workers suddenly brushed past the others and socked the customer in the face, before grabbing him around the neck and kicking him into a nearby table.

    The women screamed as other patrons at the outlet looked on, stunned. The perpetrator was then quickly led back to the counter area by a female employee.

    According to YouTube user Jess6366, who uploaded the video, the attacked customer had apparently been waiting for more than an hour for his fried chicken.

    The user said that when it came to the customer’s turn, he was informed that there was no chicken left, prompting the customer to demand an apology from the manager.

    Jess6366 wrote that one of the workers allegedly told the customer: “Kalau mau makan, buat sendiri lah babi (If you want to eat, make it yourself, pig!)”

    The video caused an outcry to erupt on Facebook, with many outraged at the fast-food boxer’s antics.

    “Kenapa perkerja kfc selalu keluar video, banyak pasai lo.perkerja kfc ini nampak samseng betul.sikit disiprin pun tk dak,teruk betullah. (Why do KFC workers always come out on video?

    [They have] so many problems. These workers look like gangsters…not even a little bit of discipline. This is terrible,” said one Criss Khoo.

    KFC investigating the incident

    Criss may have been referring to a July 5, 2011 video which allegedly showed KFC employees wiping spilled oil and squeezing it back into what appeared to be a fryer

    “100% salah pekerja… anggap la anda semua pelanggan… Bayangkan anda pergi KFC bukan makan percuma.. mesti anda bayar kan. kalau pekerja layan anda seperti diatas.. adakah anda akan kata pekerja itu betul dia laku kan keatas anda,” said Mohd Nizan.

    (“This was 100% the fault of the workers. Imagine if they were all cusomters. You don’t go to KFC to eat for free. You are paying. What if a worker treated him like that? Would you say that the worker was right in what he did?”)

    Other comments however, appeared to side with the workers, asking for viewers to see if there was a different side to the story.

    Chang Yew Sheng said: “I had been working at KFC Genting Klang for almost a year (and) from my experience, some customers are real rude to us. But then we must also be patient with them with (keeping in mind) the policy (that) customers (come) first.”

    Chang added that the workers may have been depressed or overworked, blaming bad management and the slashing of company benefits.

    “Aku faham perasaan pekerja 2 (I understand how the workers feel),” said Hafizul Skys.

    “aku yg kerja kat pizza selalu je jumpa customer yg cam 2. semua x fhm, fikir la. kteorg ni manusia bknnya robot. semua nak memaksa. (When I worked at Pizza [Hut], I’ve met customers like this. They never understood [my situation]. We are human beings, not robots. The customers are always so forceful.)”

    “klu kteorg lmbt service sekali pun ada sebabnya. klu dah dari pagi kerja smpi ke malam mmg la penat. aku kdg2 rasa gak bengang ngan customer sbb semua x reti nak memahami kitaorg yg bekerja ni ni. (There is a reason if our service is late. If we work from morning until night, of course we get tired. I sometimes feel very angry with customers because they don’t try to understand our working conditions)”

    A KFC Holdings spokesman told FMT that the company was aware of the video and was currently investigating the matter.

    KFC also stated in its Facebook that the staff involved have been suspended pending investigation.

    “Once the investigation is complete, we will take all appropriate action to address any violation of our strict operating procedures and customer service standards,” the KFC notice added.


  6. Personally the person who should bear the most responsibilities is the manager. He is the one who own the most authority to stand out and tell the public what actually happened and what the restaurant planned to do. Being quiet did not solve the case yet create an image of untrained to the public. If anyone of the parties (KFC staffs & the Customer) uttered rude words at first, then he is the second to blame. Being rude is the worst thing you can do when you face pressure ( can’t fry enough chicken or can’t get the chicken). Any issue can be solved with discussion. Only barbarian use their anger to talk, not their brain.

  7. Customer pay to eat. Bila kfc staff cakap, saya penat lah, kerja pagi sampai malam lah, customers tdk faham lah, blah blah,, if u really penat, why u still have the energy to fight with the customers???

    must report to police…

  8. I agreed that customers are not always right,BUT in this situation, the employees are the one should be blamed.
    If the customers being rude to the cashier or any of the employees, they should report to the manager immediately. Then, the manager should go out to resolve this issue. If the situation is out of control, the manager could just call the security guard or police to get the customers away.
    Unfortunately, in this incident, the manager DO NOTHING and let the employees yelled at the customer (where is the professional act in the first place). At that situation, the manager should have tell the customers that the food is out of stock and just make and aplogy. In that case, the cusotmers MIGHT feel better and just leave. Even if the customer is not satisfy with that and start acting brutally against any of the employees, the manager can then ask for help from the security guard or police.
    So in conclusion, the management system is the one to blame~

  9. Based on the video, I think the Chinese girl who was wearing a red blouse was the instigator of the whole event. I believe her rude behaviour and the way she screamed at a public restaurant really instigated anger amongst the KFC staffs. Nevertheless, the KFC staffs who were involved in the mess with the customers were equally responsible.

  10. This is due to a combination of failure…
    1. Management, food supply to demand estimation
    2. Staff training, customer service
    3. Disgruntled staff, poor pay & satisfaction @ work
    4. This will be controversial but I’m going to be honest, increasingly in the public, regardless of race but more so in the high socioeconomic group customers are not courteous to staff providing services to them. Basic courtesy is required from a human being to another, regardless of the circumstances.
    It’s a more complex issues where this is happening when we expect more from the higher socioeconomic group: racial disharmony, widened rich- poor gap, general poor economic climates in a country where politics & policies are as stable.

    So, it’s a wrong on many basis… & there is a reason why this has gone viral. The issues are much complex than we thought it is.

  11. TyPo meant to say in a country where policies & politics are not as stable

  12. Whatever the reasons, the customer should not utter racist profanities .
    Malaysian must restrain themselves from making racist profanity when in tense situation. They have habit of profanities since schooldays……no people will take racist profanities lightly…….

  13. Icity is the culprit! They did not planned this correctly! This is not the first time these situations happened! Just imaging having thousands of people there creating all these noise and disturbance! While offices are still operating in this so call technology city although it looks like a low class made in china safety hazard amusements park!

  14. The victim can prosecute KFC in court. Maybe someone familiar in lawsuit should advice this unfortunate customer.

    It is the duty of KFC to provide satisfactory service, if not, explanation must be given and remedy implemented immediately like extending the voucher effective period. It is ridiculous to blame those paying customers.

    If the worker overworks, then it is the fault of KFC management, it is not the customer’s duty to lookafter the welfare of KFC workers.

  15. i think is the fault of KFC,lets boycot KFC!!!.Go for mac d instead,since they provide such lousy service.KFC XXX……KFC XXX

  16. This is racism incident, thats the root, CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT TO THROW RACIST PROFANITIES AT YOU?

  17. last time i went kfc and ask for all thight, and the supervisor give me long face

  18. working customer on February 9th, 2012 at 6:10 pm

    For me, all in this incident is the culprit(Customer, Worker, Store Manager).
    Customer : I understand if customer mad because could not get their fried chicken, but that doesn’t mean you can being rude to the worker. If you are an educated people, you should know how to read a situation then act properly based on the current situation(eventhough you’ve bought the voucher but if you waited for more than 1 hour, why should you still waiting?)
    Worker : The worker says tired, bla bla bla. Do you know there is KFC voucher distributed to public?(I assume the worker SHOULD knew).Did you anticipate it?(obviously NO).If you are a well-trained worker, you should be able to think positive. With knowing that there is voucher distributed to public, you should’ve anticipated it by sleep well, etc.
    Store Manager : The worst manager! KFC better fire your store manager in iCity.You call yourself a manager but no management at ALL. What do you do when the incident happens?You know how to manage your worker?You know how to manage customer?You know how to manage food stock?Where is your professionalism? GO RESIGN!

  19. This is absurd. Police shd step in and investigate. If assault as clearly seen on the video is true, the abuser shd be given a criminal sentence. This shd serve as a warning to all parties not to be abusive. If this guy goes unpunished, it may send the wrong message to others to be abusive when conflict arises.

  20. i never go to KFC as the food is teruk. chicken are so oily and bad for health. better McD.

  21. KFC would know how many groupons were sold, so they should anticipate crowds claiming for the meal, especially during public holidays. The lack of supply is the management’s fault.

    Customers are not always right, but they are the customers. Without them, the staff will have no jobs to start with. In every service industry, staff should be trained to handle most situation in tactful and diplomatic ways. But the management should also give guidelines to their staff and have back up plans when they have special offers, as in this case.

    Majority of Malaysians workers have no problem solving skills. Let alone expecting them to response positively in a problem not created by them means no initiative as well. Someone made a mistake, no more stock, try to calm the situation by offering different foods, or extend the voucher’s validity…etc. It’s common sense. Having said this, perhaps many customer service staff have very little common sense. What went wrong? I believe it is the upbringing and education at home and school that went seriously wrong for a long time, thus creating a generation of incompetent young Malaysians.

    Maybe the customer service industry should consider a low basic and high on tips and bonuses based on performance and service. Not everyone CAN and SHOULD work in the service industry. If one cannot tolerate all kinds of customer’s attitude, then the job is not for them. A desk or office job would be more suitable for those who complains that customers are rude…etc THIS IS A PACKAGE DEAL FOR THOSE WHO WISH TO WORK IN THE CUSTOMER SERVICE INDUSTRY.

    SALES = PROFIT = STAFF EMPLOYMENT = SERVICE PROVIDED = SATISFIED CUSTOMER = MORE SALES = MORE PROFIT = MORE STAFF EMPLOYMENT etc. It’s a cycle. If a company and staff don’t get this, nothing will improve.

  22. Untrained staff who’s probably not highly educated and who likely doesn’t even enjoy working at a fast food outlet (who does?)


    Kiasu customer who thinks it’s worth waiting an hour to save a few bucks (ever heard the term ‘time is money?’), obviously sore and who seems to expect 5-star fine dining restaurant service from KFC


    Cock fight (no pun intended). It’s the ugly side of human nature.

    I only feel sorry for KFC’s Director of Restaurant Operations. The video message he issued last year was bad enough, now this. Imagine yourself having to issue a public apology over something some idiot in your company did – it’s almost pathetic. It’s equivalent to doing ear squats in public, doing community service, and getting crucified all at once. Just imagine the cynicism he gets from the haters.

    As for Danny the punch victim, congratulations for going down in Malaysian history as the guy who got attacked and went on TV over fried chicken and a Groupon deal.

    Which reminds me… I think Groupon is just damn stupid. I dunno why people buy into it. Doesn’t exactly save you enough money to make you a millionaire.

  23. If i am Danny I will not settle things outside the court, Lots of happenings in KFC before and after as you can see they always say let them have some investigation but it seems that they have NEVER ENDING STORY….. sad to says.

    I belive too, all outlet in KFC never ever have CCTV cause their own Outlet Manager knows what their staff’s behavior…

    Selling in GROUPON 1591 nos. of Vouchers for 15 days. This must be joking. 106 nos. of voucher per day. Just imagine how many chicken to sell, the Outlet Manager should be knowing how to estimate the cause…………

  24. Fast Food Lover on February 10th, 2012 at 2:50 am

    There is no evidence of verbal abuse, even there is, it does not harm anyone it all depends on how one perceive it.
    Punching people is hurting, is a crime, I would sue the KFC for putting a dangerous worker in the outlet.
    My experience with KFC and Pizza Hut are slow, long face and can’t be bother.

  25. I am shocked to watch these 2 video clips above, I did not know that kind of thing happened with this internaitional fast food outlet. Wonder what KFC HQ think.
    This remind me of my experience with the sour coffee in KFC Jambatan near Sugei Buloh on Jan 27, 2012, had it been xxxx with? feel like vomiting now. The coffee was sour. I tho i was tired and not able to taste the coffee properly after a long travel. Btw, the staff there did not bother to response to my complain. I feel like vomiting now.

  26. I was at scene, I witness most everything that happen on that day. Those two chinese ladies are the point of all to be blame. Those ladies started to scream at the KFC staff where as the other customers are patiently and calmly waiting in long que. This is not about racial, but it seems to be that most of the comments wrote on KFC’s FB wall are chinese, it shows that the morality among this race purely poor and the bad act (screaming to the KFC staff in front of other customers) of those two ladies proved the fact. we all have seen the footage of a little girl who has been hit and run in China, she died becoz of selfish act of the Chinese, do we want to bring this culture into this country?? so the Chinese, dont be selfish, just be patient in whatever situation, shut ur mouth, coz even one single word can start a big crawl.

  27. KFC food has gone down to the drain, their service and their chicken
    is lousy. The bottom line is never use violence. It is a criminal offence
    to hurt someone no matter what colour you are?

  28. With this incident happened in KFC, i will not support KFC anymore eventhough i love fried chicken. i will switch to MC D chicken or A&W chicken. i know the customer is not always right, but as an famous international restaurant, the workers cannot involved fighting with customer to show that the restaurant is not allow the customer complaint while the customer time is wasted, they must be some training to the KFC workers on how to handle difficult customer, we NOT eat for free and cheap in KFC. Who pay the salary for the KFC company ??? i speak as a malaysian customer…… nothing to do with politics…….

  29. Sgt teruk perkerja org kfc.customer is always right.walau mcm mne pon kna sbr la.sy dulu pon penah berkerja d tm jmpe depan customer.customer siap maki.sy sbr je.manager kfc icity pon satu dok belakang tu buat ape.serupa x yah jd manager.ape tugas manager kalo mcm tu?sy harap kfc perlu bwat 1 training dan 1 ujian utk melepasi tahap nk jd pekerja kfc.jgn lupe letak cctv d cashier 🙂

  30. so isn’t Groupon Malaysia responsible for the KFC I-city fiasco one way or another? i thought they are suppose to make sure that every deal sold, they ensure the merchant can honour the coupon/deal. I think groupon should issue a press statement to explain. it is ethically the right thing to do.

  31. malaysiakini.com/news/188875
    Again it’s a very disturbing fact that whenever a case like this happens between different races in this country, it is automatically being “branded” as racial issue. This KFC I-city incident, I’m truly sadden by the violent act of the staffs, acting like gangsters (like some of our policemen in the Bersih act), threatening customers without even thinking rational. Soooooooo many people standing there and the staffs STILL CANNOT CONTROL THEIR ANGER & EMOTIONS. This is NOT ACCEPTABLE in any ways.

    On the other note, I truly support the few staffs who stopped the aggressive ones from moving forward, and also one of the staffs (preparing the meal at the counter) who stopped them from going out of the counter. These are the more matured thinking boys who I think they should not be punished by KFC Malaysia, instead continue to mould these boys to be leaders or managers to be. They acted right by stopping & not getting affected by the customer’s remarks. I support these boys (not the aggressive ones).

    As for the customer, I also agree he should not be overly hot tempered like shouting so loudly asking for apology. Yes, wait for nearly an hour will get you heated up, but please… You can complain in a better tone, but not shout like a mad man. If you complain in a better tone, and the boys still beat you up, then it’s very clear that you are not at fault.. But now, you need to take a little blame too (your wife & sister too..)

    Last but not least… SACK THE MANAGER! Show his face to the public! Let the nation know how he looks like! He needs to learn his lesson! Manager by mistake?? What’s wrong with the promotion system in KFC??? Such a disgrace! Clearly you are NOT TRAINING YOUR STAFFS THE RIGHT WAY! What kind of training are you using? “Training For The Sake Of Training” is it???? Big time disappointment!

  32. KFC Malaysia… Better re-evaluate your HR Deparment! What kind of criteria they set for the staffs to be offered the job, and what type of stupid training for the staffs…. KFC Malaysia, you really need to put on your gear & start your engine quick!!!!!!!! No joke!!!! Work 500% more effort to get things on the right track!!!!!!!

  33. IStillWanEatChicken on February 13th, 2012 at 8:55 am

    the fight end with person A beat person B and A wont be charge is as expected for every1, every1 dun fall for tat cuz this is wat BN wan – to create racial problem as worse as possible so tat PR wont stand chance win GE13, as long as ppl keep thinking MUST charge tat person A then BN will LOL, those gang of person A is just tool been use by BN in right place at the right time so shame they fall for tat and also the many ppl in FB, this proof many still not mature enough in thinking so easy fall for trap that we create ourself free for use by BN, BN ppl dun voice out the issued right? cuz they noe they will win if things get worse zz they just hv to minum kopi at home and watch the free show we create…this issued must be stop and the A and B must quickly apology each other infront of every1 if u really wan PR win the next GE13

  34. i dont want to eat KFC anymore, their staff has no standard. lame service. and many more dirty things we cant see from here. No other junk food for me too. not healthy. hey ppl, stop eating unhealthy food, is for ur own good.

  35. KFC completes probe on assault at outlet

    KFC Malaysia has completed its internal investigation into the assault on a customer by a kitchen crew member at its i-City branch in Shah Alam.

    A KFC spokesman said representatives from the company had met with the customer on Saturday and the matter would be resolved soon.

    On Friday, KFC Malaysia posted a video by its deputy president Alan Au on its Facebook page saying KFC was providing all necessary assistance to the police .

    “We at KFC conduct regular training sessions across all restaurants and all members of the team. Each restaurant is monitored to ensure our products and service remain high quality.

    “However, we failed on this occasion.

    “We will build around and continue to improve the existing programme so as to avoid incidents of this nature from happening again,” Au said.

    The incident, which gained publicity after a video recording of the assault went viral on YouTube, had netizens blaming either the customer or worker for starting the fracas.

  36. First of all, cutomer is always right. If the customer complaint, there should be a reason which will be always from the worker. Think about it. CUSTOMER PAY MONEY TO EAT. That money goes for workers salary. Malay people always being lazy. Even thogh they aren’t tired from being work, they are still SLOW. They don’t understand the meaning of fast food. Customer gets pissed from the first stage which is to pay money for the food. It just take forever. I always thought the good example is the developed country but malaysia or the malay people somehow have a pride that they think they are the number one and never learn.

  37. KFC makes peace with punched customer

    KFC Malaysia has settled with punched customer, Danny Ng and his family.

    KFC Malaysia has officially settled with Danny Ng Chee Fei, 26, who was punched by the one of the fast-food chain’s workers earlier this month.

    In an half-hour meeting at 3pm today, KFC officials apologised to Ng and his family over his hot and spicy Feb 6 ordeal.

    In a Facebook statement, the company wrote: “Our management has met with Mr Danny Ng and his family, and they have accepted our apology.”

    “We deeply regret the occurence of this incident and would like to assure you that it was related to the quality of service provided and not due to any (other) reason whatsoever.”

    According to KFC Malaysia’s Facebook page, its deputy president Alan Au, vice president (KFC Operations) Conrad De Lima and Corporate Communications General Manager Rosniza Baharum were also present at the meeting.

    On Feb 6, Ng, his wife and sister had gone to the i-City KFC outlet in Shah Alam at 10:15pm. He had been hoping to redeem RM132 of coupons on an offer that would have expired the next day.

    After 45 minutes of waiting, KFC workers there had told Ng – and dozens of other customers – that there were no fried chicken left.

    Annoyed by this statement, Ng threatened to make a complaint to KFC’s management. He was threatened by several KFC employees before being punched by one of them.

    The episode, which was captured on video, caused a public outcry to erupt over the Internet.

    As Ng was Chinese, and the offending workers Malay, some netizens assumed that the fight had started because of race. Since then, both Ng and KFC Malaysia have denied this claim.

    Ng didn’t want compensation

    Speaking on behalf of Ng, his lawyer Eric Tan said that Ng had accepted the apology, and had refused any form of compensation.

    “It may not be so meaningful to the public’s eye (that he didn’t get compensation), but I would like to emphasise that this public apology was meaningful to Ng,” he told FMT.

    Tan said that some people might accuse Ng of taking advantage of KFC Malaysia if he received something in return for the abuse.

    “We don’t want any chance for this incident to be interpreted as him making any personal gain…Some people might think that he did (this) for (his) personal benefit.”

    “That was never his intention. He just wanted justice, and for (KFC) to acknowledge (this),” he added.

    As far as Tan was concerned, both he and Ng were equally convinced over KFC Malaysia’s sincerity over the matter.

    He added that according to KFC, the Feb 6 incident was due to a “failure in service”, and that Ng had not intended to provoke the workers present.

    On the workers involved, Tan said that three of them had been suspended thus far. He confirmed however, that none of them had been sacked. The police, the lawyer said, were still investigating the matter.

    On its errant workers, KFC Malaysia said that “all relevant steps” were being taken to “review and improve” its training programme.