Post Office Opening Hours | Pos Malaysia


Post Office Opening Hours | Pos Malaysia

(In Klang Valley)

Monday to Saturday : 8:30am – 5:00pm

Closed on Sunday and Public Holiday.

It also close on every First Saturday of the Month.

** This  opening hours do not apply to Post Office that are located at Shopping Complex.

I tried to Search the post office hour opening hours in Search Engine like Google and found out that It is very difficult to get the latest and correct post office hour opening hours.

For Extended Post Office Opening Hours especially at Shopping Complex , visit  Post Office Opening Hours For Busy People| Pos Malaysia

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  2. are these the new opening hours for post office in the whole klang valley? they open on saturdays as well now?

  3. Yes 😀

  4. […] For normal opening office hour, please visit Post Office Opening Hours | Pos Malaysia […]

  5. nicki fang chiew peng on October 10th, 2009 at 4:43 pm

    hi …

    i got a latter post from uk ..ly391584727gb by this number i wait 5 weeks already but still not here with me?

    i try to call uk there say already posted in malaysia already ?

    can someone checked it pls…

    so many thanks…!!!

  6. Saya hendak buat aduan tentang posmen yang berkhidmat di SS1/34, 47300 Kampung Tunku.

    Posmen ini tidak bertanggungjawab. Saya telah mengutip surat jauh dekat tong sampah.

    Dahulu pun saya telah mengutip surat saya dari longkang. Surat AAM put tidak sampai. Ada jiran yang telah sampaikan surat saya kerana tersalah masukkan dalam peti suratnya.

    Kalau tidak minat bekerja kenapa nak kerja.Bila mengatur surat biarlah di susun dahulu.

    Janganlah tersilap jatuh.

    Kalau Pejabat Besar mengambil kakitangan saperti ini malulah negara kita ini.

    Dan kalau dia pekerja sementara berilah traning dengan betul- betul.

    Pejabat pos telah mengumumkan bahawa ia akan berubah perkhidmatan,adakah ini caranya.Asik hendak nak tepuk Dada sendiri.

    Sekian, Terima kasih
    C.C. kEPADA pos Kelana Jaya

  7. i will like to know what time does the post office opening hours in kg.tunku petaling jaya. Thankyou

  8. hi Dinesh,

    I believe it’s the same time as above

    To confirm, Please call Pos Malaysia to find out.

  9. Stack of letters found near drain

    A STACK of letters, mostly official ones, were discovered near a drain at a popular market in Jalan Bunga Tanjung 8 in Taman Muda Ampang on Monday morning.

    Trader Leong Seng Chong, 62, who found the un-delivered letters, said he immediately called Ampang municipal councillor Jennifer Tnew and handed them over to her.

    Yesterday, when Tnew and Teratai assemblyman Jenice Lee went back to the site to investigate further, they were informed by Leong that a man wearing a Pos Malaysia uniform was spotted lurking around the spot looking for something.

    “I tried to take a picture of him with my mobile phone but he became suspicious and went away. I think he came back for those letters,’’ Leong said.

    “This is not the first time this had happened. In fact, I received complaints that a stack of Hari Raya greeting cards were found in a rubbish bin near the same area last September,’’ Lee told reporters at the site yesterday.

    Lee said she was disappointed with the standard of service shown by Pos Malaysia and said that it needs to be overhauled.

    “I plan to bring this up in Parliament. Perhaps, a better solution is to break their monopoly and let others into the business to encourage competition,’’ she said, adding that the postal service was becoming unreliable with no improvement in sight.

    As an immediate solution, Lee said she was contemplating lodging a police report as she did not want be accused of disrupting the livelihood of anyone.

    “He (postman) is just a low ranking staff and who knows what was going through his mind, but Pos Malaysia needs to take a more holistic approach to resolve the matter,’’ Lee said.

    In a statement, Pos Malaysia Bhd said they were investigating the matter and would issue a statement soon.

    “We want to assure our customers and the public that Pos Malaysia Berhad has a zero tolerance policy towards the mistreatment of mail and we do not condone such irresponsible and deviant behaviour,” said its Group Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer Datuk Syed Faisal Albar.

    “We welcome all customers to contact our Customer Service Centre through PosLine at 1-300-300-300 from 8.30 am to 9.30pm, Monday to Saturday (except on first Saturday of the month) for any suggestions or comments.”

  10. Dear Pos Malaysia,

    I would like to thank you for replying to my frustrated email regarding my complaint.

    I would like to thank you for your rules and procedures that absolutely cannot be ammended as you clearly lack the human touch. I did not realise that the center was manned by robots or perhaps, I was too boring or unimportant to entertain apparently.

    Thank you very much customer care consultant for mixing up my requests resulting in me being not eligible for a second delivery.

    Thank you for monopolies, for without it, I would say I would switch provider but no, I am not able to.

    You have shown such excellent courtesy to me. Thank you, thank you and thank you because your quality assurance team has proven my complaint to be not important and please dismiss it with talk of rules and procedures.

    you’re the best
    long live

  11. Round-the-clock auto postal service next

    Postal services are going automated and mobile with the launch of the Pos-Automated-Machine (PAM) and Post-on-Wheels by Pos Malaysia.

    With the two new services, people can pay their bills and post letters and parcels faster and even after office hours.

    Pos Malaysia chairman Tan Sri Dr Aseh Che Mat said the PAM terminal, designed to function like a bank auto-teller machine, was the first of its kind.

    He said customers no longer need to queue up at the counter to buy stamps and post letters and parcels, and pay bills for various agencies as the PAM could perform such services.

    “The service will be of great convenience to the public as the services are available even after office hours,” Aseh told a press conference after launching and demonstrating the machine at the General Post Office here yesterday.

    “During the familiarisation stage, the operation hours for PAM shall be from 6am to 11.30pm from Monday to Sunday,” Aseh said.

    The Post-on-Wheels, akin to a mobile post office, operates via satellite connectivity for online transactions such as licence and road tax renewals besides the Amanah Saham unit trusts transactions and even international money transfer order services.

    The first Post-on-Wheels began its services along Jalan Duta here yesterday. The service will be extended throughout the country in stages.

  12. Let official mail be sent on time

    I RECEIVED a letter from Kementerian Kewangan (bearing the phrase Urusan Seri Paduka Baginda) about a briefing that I was invited to attend on Jan 12.

    The date on the letter was Dec 29, 2009 (handwritten), the envelope bore a Jan 12, 2010 date stamp, and I received it on Jan 16.

    The issue is if the matter is urgent enough or serious enough to be placed in an envelope bearing Urusan Seri Paduka Baginda, then don’t you think it should be given due respect and sent on time?

    George Town.

  13. Some tips and thoughts about good service

    EVERY now and then, when you step into a restaurant, you may come across a sign that says: “If our food is good, tell others. If our food is bad, tell us.”

    Getting people to know you, or your business, by word-of-mouth, is sometimes more effective than the most creative advertising campaign you can pay for.

    It’s the same with government departments as well. These days, hardly anyone ever complains about applying or renewing for passports, driving licences or MyKad.

    There is in fact a whole unpaid-for public relations machinery out there that tells people how fast and easy it is to get such documents.

    I have observed that good service is always about the personal touch. It is about people willing to take the extra step, to go out of the way, so that your needs are fulfilled.

    Recently, I had to send some important documents to Putrajaya. It was a public holiday in Selangor the following day and all the courier companies I contacted said they did not deliver that day.

    I told them Putrajaya was not on holiday so they suggested that I should use a courier company based in Kuala Lumpur instead.

    I called a few companies up but they could not guarantee that my documents would reach there by 4pm, which was the absolute deadline. So I turned to PosLaju.

    A quick search on its website revealed that it actually had a service called the Putrajaya Express, where items delivered to Putrajaya and Cyberjaya are guaranteed to arrive on the same day.

    So the next day, bright and early, I was at their Kuala Lumpur office in Brickfields even before it opened. I was the first customer but then I ran into a hitch. The counter clerk told me that although Putrajaya was not on holiday, Bangi, which is in Selangor, was.

    He explained that all the documents heading for Putrajaya are dropped at Bangi first before delivery to the government complex. “The office is closed,” he said. I pleaded with him. He could see I was quite literally on my knees so he called his supervisor.

    After some consultation, the supervisor told him to accept the documents and promised that it would be delivered the same day.

    I was so thankful that they were able to make a quick adjustment for my sake. Probably, he would have to instruct his van driver to make a special trip into Putrajaya that day.These two gentlemen went out of the way to solve a problem.

    To us, it may seem the most obvious thing to do, but if you have encountered other companies that go strictly by the rules, you will appreciate that they are the exception rather than the rule.

    And so, like what I said in the introduction, when the service is good, tell others. This one is for you, PosLaju.

    # Deputy executive editor Soo Ewe Jin feels people should share more about their positive experiences rather than just complain about things going awry, especially on a Monday.

  14. thx for your information.

  15. Pos Malaysia seeks to stay relevant in cyber age

    Efforts are underway to ensure Pos Malaysia remains a major player in Malaysia’s postal industry despite the fact that a growing number of people are now into electronic communication, Information Communication and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim said.

    He said Malaysia was not spared this phenomenon as more people became Internet-savvy.

    “We expect a decline in the number of mail items sent through the postal service as more people prefer to communicate via the worldwide web,” he said after visiting United Kingdom’s postal authority, the Royal Mail, here where he met its chief of strategic planning, John Duncan.

    Describing the visit as an eye-opener, Rais said the ministry would prepare a report to the cabinet on how to make the postal service more efficient in terms of cost. The report would also cover efforts to determine the actual cost of postal services, he said.

    “We will see whether any increase in costs commensurate the level of service received by the people.”

    “We will also see, for instant, the position of our postmen. We will also look into the challenge posed by the Internet and other means of communications as well as how to rekindle the culture of writing letters,” Rais, who is on a three-day visit here, said.

    The report would also touch on the short and long-term measures to ensure Pos Malaysia continue to be the main player in the country’s postal industry.

    Efforts would also be made to expand the use of stamps, one of the postal service’s sources of revenue, in cultural and commercial terms.

    “We should also look into new area of businesses related to the postal service,” he added.

    Rais said that in the UK, there was a decline in the number of items sent through the post — by 7 per cent or about 3.5 billion items in 2009 compared to the number in 2006.

    The trend was expected to continue, he said, adding however that based on the Royal Mail experience, consumers continued to use the postal service to send packages.

    Also present were Pos Malaysia Bhd Group Managing Director Datuk Syed Faisal Albar and Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission Chairman Tan Sri Khalid Ramli.

  16. Pos Malaysia sets 2010 KPI targets

    PETALING JAYA: Pos Malaysia Bhd has set its 2010 key performance indicator (KPI) targets where it has projected revenue of RM930mil for the financial year ending Dec 31 (FY10), a 3% increase over FY09’s achievement.

    Other KPI targets for the year include a dip in earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortisaton (EBITDA) to RM110mil and lower return on assets (ROA) of 3.3% to 4%.

    In a statement to Bursa Malaysia yesterday, Pos Malaysia said it was expecting revenue growth “taking cognisance of improving economic growth in 2010.”

    “The group’s growth for 2010 will be underpinned by strategic alliances with other postal operators and global integrators, higher sales of motor insurance and new financial services offered,” it said.

    On its lower EBITDA forecast, Pos Malaysia said operating expenses were expected to increase significantly in light of increasing staff costs, depreciation and other operating expenses.

    The lower ROA forecast was due to lower operating profit projected in 2010 in line with higher operating expenses, it said.

    Meanwhile, for FY09, Pos Malaysia posted revenue of RM903mil, lower than its headline KPI target by RM37mil or 3.9% due to lower revenue from most business segments amidst a difficult economic climate.

    EBITDA for the period was RM132mil against a target of RM130mil while ROA was 5.9%, higher than its headline KPI target by 1.4 percentage point.

    “The EBITDA is above by RM2mil, or 1.5%, attributed to reduction in operating expenses (net of depreciation and amortisation), which mitigated the lower revenue achieved,” Pos Malaysia said.

    It said the higher ROA was in line with the slightly higher operating profit recorded against target coupled by the slightly lower asset base against projection.

  17. Group may buy Pos Malaysia stake

    PETALING JAYA: A consortium of buyers, headed by an entrepreneurial group coupled with private equity funds, are likely to be the parties invited to buy the 32.2% stake in Pos Malaysia which is up for sale, sources said.

    To recap, the Prime Minister yesterday unveiled key points in the New Economic Model (NEM) at Invest Malaysia , including Khazanah Nasional Bhd and the Ministry of Finance Incorporated reducing their stakes in a number of companies.

    Included in this was a planned divestment of Khazanah of its 32.2% stake in Pos Malaysia.

    Khazanah in a press release said that “qualifying bids should be majority controlled by Malaysian parties, with appropriate consideration and due merit to be given to the quality of strategic and technical partners that may include foreign parties.”

    Considering the amount at stake, private equity players that bring value to how Pos Malaysia could be better run will be considered, the source said.

    The 32% stake is currently worth about RM390mil. However it is likely that the stake would be sold at a higher price as the sale would take place after Pos Malaysia undergoes a Government-led review of its business, such as its regulatory structure and of usage of its land bank.

    Khazanah said that the selection process of the bid would be transparent and merit based and include an evaluation of the proposed business and value creation plan, a fit and proper test of the bidders and the terms, price and condition of its financial offer.

    However, it isn’t stated clearly if the bidding process will be via an open tender, leading some market players to wonder if the process will be a closed bidding process, that is, one in which selected parties will be invited to put in their bids.

    The move by the Government and Khazanah to sell the Pos Malaysia stake has surprised the market. Some analysts reckon that Pos Malaysia, currently trading at around RM2.30 per share, is close to Khazanah’s entry cost into the stock. Khazanah is believed to have built up most of its holdings in Pos Malaysia via purchases from the market in around 2005 to 2007.

    The sale will only be done after Pos Malaysia undergoes a first stage of change. According to Khazanah, this includes changes to “key aspects of Pos Malaysia’s macro business environment in order to ensure both public and commercial interests are properly balanced. This will include changes to its regulatory structure, use of Government-owned land currently allocated for postal infrastructure and the welfare of the company’s employees.”

    It is understood that one of the changes could concern the government’s Golden share in Pos Malaysia. The government holds golden shares in a number of strategic investments, which gives the Government the right to appoint key management personnel in such companies. With a planned sale of a controlling stake in Pos Malaysia, it is only expected that the Government may need to look into removing the golden share, in order to cede control of the asset to the new owner or owners.

    Pos Malaysia’s other Government-linked shareholders are the Employees Provident Fund (8.64%), Permodalan Nasional Bhd (6.05%) and Valuecap (1.51%) as at the end of 2008.

    An analyst said that Pos Malaysia will also need to make structural changes to its business. “This is a gem of a company if it is able to transform itself to being more market oriented. It has a vast landbank and network. Retail, banking and travel related services are just some of what they can offer. But to do so, there needs to be a political will,” he said.

    However the analyst added that despite this potential, Pos Malaysia had not been able to transform itself effectively in the past. “This leads to the question as to whether it can do so successfully this time.”

    It is understood that in the past, there had been suggestions by a supermarket chain to make use of Pos Malaysia’s outlets, not unlike how post offices are run in Britain. However, while the plan sounded good on paper, the idea fizzled out as Pos Malaysia was not able to make the necessary changes required.

    Another analyst who closely follows Pos Malaysia said that the sale would garner a lot of interest if some major changes took place. “These include giving Pos Malaysia the right to sell off some of its non-core assets, being able to reduce its workforce to a more efficient level and to get a tariff increase,” he said.

    Industry observers said while a tariff increase may be in the pipeline, they were unsure if the other changes may take place.

    Poste Italiane Group, Italy ’s government-owned postal service, gets about a third of its revenues from selling insurance products.

    Khazanah added that its divestment policy would be only restricted to non-core and non-competitive assets. “Core assets and holdings in various strategic industries such as infrastructure, telecommunications, banking, aviation and utilities will remain under Khazanah’s holdings.”

  18. Postal rates to go up from July 1

    The cost of domestic mail will go up effective this July as part of Pos Malaysia Bhd’s strategy to improve productivity and efficiency.

    This will be the first time Pos Malaysia is revising postal rates since its corporatisation in 1992, the company said in a statement today.

    Its group managing director/chief executive officer Datuk Syed Faisal Albar said the increase would provide additional funds for the company to provide better services on par with international best practices.

    “Over the past 18 years, we have witnessed a continuous decline in public mail volume and Pos Malaysia has taken various measures to contain costs whilst maintaining our productivity,” he said.

    At the same time, this has affected the company’s ability to adjust the low salaries of its postmen and counter clerks which are 19 per cent lower than their government counterparts, he added.

    “The restructuring of the salary for postmen and counter clerks will be done concurrently with the increase in postal rates,” said Syed Faisal.

    The restructuring of the salaries would boost the morale of the operations staff in line with its move to improve their productivity and commitment towards providing better service.

    Upon implementation, the cost for standard mail weighing up to 20 grams will be revised from 30 sen to 60 sen, and for up to 50 grams, it will be revised from 40 sen to 70 sen.

    The increase in price would also involve standard mail below 50 grams, non-standard mail below 100 grams, periodicals, PosDokumen, registered mail and parcels below two kilogrammes.

    However, the increase is not applicable for non-standard mail above 100 grams up to two kilogrammes, PO Box, locked bag and window delivery.

    Currently, Pos Malaysia’s domestic mail cost (30 sen for standard mail weighing up to 20 grams) is the second lowest in Asean after Thailand.

    Comparatively, among Asean countries, the Philippines’ domestic mail price (at the same weight step) is the highest at 66 sen, followed by Singapore (62 sen), Indonesia (54 sen) and Brunei (47 sen).

    Meanwhile, in line with the government’s 1 Malaysia aspiration, Pos Malaysia will introduce Mel Rakyat in May to address the needs of the people who still prefer to use the postal service at a lower cost.

    Mel Rakyat, which is similar to Aerogramme in form and function, will be priced at a single rate of 30 sen for postage to anywhere within Malaysia.

    With Mel Rakyat, these individual customers who make up nine per cent of Pos Malaysia’s total mail volume will still have the option of enjoying a lower postage rate for their domestic mail needs.

  19. Cheers for our friendly, hardworking postmen

    THERE are some people we take for granted although they are very much a part of our daily lives. The postman is one of them.

    In the more than 20 years I have stayed in Kelana Jaya, the postman has faithfully delivered all my bills, letters and cards.

    In recent years, the delivery has also included books and DVDs I order from Amazon UK and US.

    I am proud to say that I have not lost anything in the mail so far.

    Not just the mail I receive but also the mail I send out to friends and relatives.

    I have sent books and parcels to countries near and far and also to the most remote parts of the country and they always arrive.

    While those of us in wired-up urban centres may prefer to use email more these days, it is encouraging to note that it is still possible to despatch a normal letter from any part of the country to another for a mere 30 sen, soon to go up to 60 sen.

    For those of us who work, we never get to see the postman face to face, so it may not cross our mind that he is very much a part of our lives.

    In my years as a househusband, I have been able to personally take the mail from the postman rather than pick them up from the mailbox.

    I have met many postmen and they always have a smile on their faces, come rain or shine.

    People talk about email and other modern ways of communication, but it is still the snail mail that brings me much joy. An email or an SMS simply cannot compare to a handwritten letter or card.

    Last week, Pos Malaysia announced that it would be increasing the postage rates, which had not been revised since 1992, as well as the salaries of its nearly 2,000 postmen and postal clerks.

    It must have come as a shock to many to learn that their starting pay is only RM610 and RM710 respectively, which is well below the poverty line, as Information, Communication and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim puts it. I believe the pizza delivery boy earns more.

    They certainly fall within the 40% households in rural and urban areas that earn less than RM1,500 a month, as identified in the New Economic Model report recently.

    Money matters aside, we should all learn to appreciate the unsung heroes of our community, from the postman to the policeman and from the fireman to the rubbish collector.

    Do you know that the Royal Mail in the UK runs a competition each year where the people can nominate their postman or postwoman for a “1st Class People Award” and stand to win a £1,000 holiday?

    Apparently, UK postmen not only deliver the mail but are also charity fundraisers in their spare time, or have performed a public-spirited act or dealt with an emergency while doing their deliveries.

    Mark Higson, Royal Mail managing director, said in the website: “Because our people make daily deliveries to all 28 million addresses in the UK, they are often first at the scene in house fires, road accidents and robberies, and they instinctively get involved.”

    Every postman or woman who is shortlisted receives £100 – and every customer who sends in a nomination will have their name entered into a prize draw to win £1,000 in holiday vouchers.

    I would like to propose that Pos Malaysia embarks on a similar campaign. I’ll be most happy to recommend my postman.

    # Deputy executive editor Soo Ewe Jin grew up in Jelutong, Penang, when the real unsung heroes of the community were the night soil carriers, people who collected human waste from homes that used the bucket system.

  20. Online shopping will boost Pos M’sia’s parcel services

    KUALA LUMPUR: Pos Malaysia Chief Executive Officer Datuk Syed Faisal Albar only took over the post 17 months ago, but he has got his work cut out for him.

    It is now common knowledge that postal services worldwide are suffering from a steady decline in the conventional mail volume since the advent of e-mail.

    Couple that with escalating fuel prices, inflation plus a desperate need to re-adjust postal workers’ salary, and Pos Malaysia will have to do all it can to stay afloat.

    However, Syed Faisal is glad that after 18 long years, the government has approved an increase in postal charges.

    In an interview with Bernama, Syed Faisal relates how Pos Malaysia intends to utilise the tariff increase to meet pressing needs, solve shortcomings and improve services.


    Pos Malaysia has three main areas of business. These are regular mail, their courier service, PosLaju, and retail, that includes transactions done over the counter.

    While mail volume is declining the world over, the demand for parcel services has been growing due to the popularity of online shopping.

    The courier industry is among the biggest contributors to Malaysia’s economy, bringing in revenue of around RM1.8bil last year, with PosLaju controlling around 27% of the domestic courier industry.

    “If broadband penetration in the country improves, this will encourage online transactions further and with that comes online shopping, which is big in the United States

    “In fact, the growth of courier services in these areas has been synonymously linked with online shopping,” he said.

    Syed Faisal said that while online shopping has finally taken off in Malaysia, there are still issues hindering many from utilising it, such as with payment over the Internet and non-deliveries.

    To encourage more Malaysians to get onboard, Syed Faisal said Pos Malaysia has decided to create an online portal for such services.

    “We are currently studying what is suitable for purchase over the Internet. The advantage we have is that we are already in the delivery business.

    “Another advantage that we can capitalise from is we already have our basic infrastructure in place such as our Track and Trace capability.

    “This feature allows you to track your parcel through a tracking number that is given to you, so that you may know where it is at any given time”.

    Besides that, PosLaju already has a wide network of post offices available at its disposal.

    Syed Faizal said many postal services in other countries have come up with their own online shopping portals, banking on consumer trust they have earned with their brand.

    “For example, consumers would feel more secure buying a Blackberry online via the Pos Malaysia online portal rather than another which credibility they are unsure of.”

    Syed Faisal said an online portal will help Pos Malaysia bring in business from a market that has people who prefer online shopping.

    “We’ve always been known as a physical business entity but this will help us enter into a market we have not been looking at all this while,” he said.

    Pos Malaysia is also studying the feasibility of using a safer payment alternative to online shopping, which is cash on delivery.

    When asked if it would link up with online retail giants, and eBay, Syed Faisal said Pos Malaysia believes it is wiser to focus on a consumer-centric local market.

    In fact, he said Pos Malaysia is thinking of working with hypermarkets so that they may utilise its portal to introduce new items they plan to feature.

  21. PosLaju teams with UPS for fast delivery

    KUALA LUMPUR: PosLaju, a unit of Pos Malaysia Berhad, has launched a new service aimed at reducing the international transit time of packages and documents by half.

    Called the PosLaju International Premium, the service was the creation of a strategic alliance between the courier company and UPS Asia Pacific Region.

    UPS, which is a world leader in supply chain and freight services, serves more than 200 countries.

    Customers can now enjoy added service with Poslaju, such as free shipment coverage and international express delivery at 52 PosLaju outlets in Malaysia.

    It gives a money-back guarantee of one to two days faster than normal express delivery service. “Poslaju is committed to meet our customers’ needs for faster and more reliable service. Customers can benefit from UPS’ world class service, which is fully supported by its money-back guarantee, serving 215 countries,” said Pos Malaysia Bhd group managing director and chief executive officer Datuk Syed Faisal Albar here yesterday.

    He added PosLaju customers can keep track of their documents or packages via email notification. Email alerts will be automatically sent to inform the recipients of the delivery status.

  22. CEO: Pos Malaysia never suffered losses since 1992

    KUALA LUMPUR: Pos Malaysia Bhd says it has never incurred operational losses since its corporatisation in 1992 and has been paying dividends to shareholders every year.

    Group managing director and chief executive officer Datuk Syed Faisal Albar said it was only in 2007 and 2008 that the company had to follow the prescribed accounting FRS129 standard to record an impairment provision from its investment in Transmile Bhd.

    The impairment provision was RM141mi in 2007 and RM87mil in 2008.

    “During these three years, we continued to register operating profit of RM101mil in 2007 and RM86mil in 2008 although our net position is a loss, dragged down by the provision I mentioned just now.

    “But operationally, we still registered a profit,” he said.

    Meanwhile, Pos Malaysia announced a strategic alliance between PosLaju, the leading Malaysian courier company, with United Parcel Service by jointly launching PosLaju International Premium (PIP) service.

    The new international express delivery service, available at all 52 PosLaju outlets in Malaysia, will shorten by half the international transit time for packages and documents to over 215 countries.

    “We are committed to meeting our customers’ needs for faster and more reliable service. We are introducing the new PIP service, jointly developed with UPS, as a testimony of that commitment,” Syed Faisal said after the signing ceremony.

    He said customers would benefit from UPS’ world-class global service, fully supported by money-back guarantee.

  23. Postal workers to get higher salaries on July 1

    KUALA LUMPUR: Come July 1, thousands of lowly-paid postmen and counter clerks at post offices nationwide will get their long overdue salary rise.

    It comes just three months after Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak announced that Khazanah Nasional Berhad, the Malaysian Government’s investment holding arm, would divest its entire shareholding in Pos Malaysia, the Postal Services Department that was corporatised in 1992.

    On March 30, Najib gave a glimpse of what a transformed Malaysia would look like 10 years down the road when he announced the framework of a New Economic Model to turn the country into a first-world economy that emphasised on retraining its workforce.

    The divestment of Pos Malaysia stake by Khazanah Nasional is perhaps an instant example of what Najib means by “economic transformation” for it sets in motion the transformation of the first government-linked company into a totally private entity.

    To fund the exercise, Infor­mation, Communications and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Utama Dr Rais Yatim announced on April 4 that the Government was going ahead with a parallel increase in postal tariffs, also effective July 1.

    The starting salary of postmen at RM610 is 19% below their government peers and is well below the poverty level. Their new package will give them a pay boost of about 20%.

    Earlier this year saw the implementation of a salary increase for policemen followed by the impending similar move for security guards.

    The majority of those affected by the salary revisions fall within the 40% low income household and with 80% of the nation’s workforce having education only up to Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia, the task of moving them up the value chain has become one of the biggest efforts in the 10th Malaysia Plan that begins next year.

    In the case of Pos Malaysia, it has survive 18 years with no tariff review unlike its global peers which adjust theirs periodically and plough these funds into technology and people.

    Analysts said with the changing landscape, no regulated business could depend solely on new capital to fuel growth.

    With no tariff increase despite the increase cost in running a business, Pos Malaysia has remained operationally profitable, a no mean feat considering that even a behemoth like Sime Darby Berhad has reported huge losses prompting the removal of its CEO.

    Pos Malaysia has said that the tariff increase would be effectively used to enhance productivity via automation, innovation and workforce re-skilling.

    Nobody can argue that our postmen more than deserve their new pay. At last for them, the cheque is in the mail.

  24. Pos Malaysia to replace birds with flowers in new stamps

    KUALA LUMPUR: Pos Malaysia has issued a new collection of garden flowers under its definitive stamps and first day cover series in conjunction with the new postal tariff tomorrow.

    The eight species featured in the stamps are lotus (Nelembium nelumbo), bunga tiga bulan (Hydrangea acrophylla), boungainvillea, red lilly (Hippeastrum reticulatun), Hibiscus rosa sinensis, morning glory (Ipomoea indica) and bunga tasbih (Cana orientalis and Allamanda cathartica.)

    The definitive stamps come in two series — state and national.

    “This collection is the sixth national definitive series. The previous series were on birds (1965), butterflies (1970), animals (1979), fruits (1986) and birds again (2005),” said senior assistant manager of the Stamp and Philately division Diyana Lean Abdullah.

    “The stamps, which are 27mm x 32mm in size, are available in eight denominations: 30 sen, 50 sen, 60 sen, 70 sen, 80 sen, 90 sen, RM1 and RM2,” she said.

    “Stamp collectors should buy the bird series,” said Diyana.

    She added the garden flowers would be replacing the bird series.

    “The flowers featured in the state definitive stamps will strike a chord of familiarity with all Malaysians as the flowers are usually seen in our gardens.”

    “Pos Malaysia pays tribute to the flowers that brighten up our homes and gardens by immortalising them in our special edition definitive stamps,” said Pos Malaysia group managing director/CEO Datuk Syed Faisal Albar in a statement.

  25. I din get my college offer letter!!!!!!!
    My address supposed to be pangsapuri orkid,jalan pluto u5/138,blok 07-02-03,40150 shah alam
    But i write pangsapuri orkid,jalan u5/138,blok 07-02-03,40150 shah alam…(no pluto)but as i know i write the correct appartment i live and u5/138 is the only place in shah alam…what the problem the post man can’t delivery it? You make me receive my education letters late..PLS REPLY ASAP and tell me what the problem !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. saya hairan mengapa dekat tempat saya (PAPAR, SABAH), PEJABAT pos tak buka pada hari sabtu walhal tertulis waktu urusan untuk hari sabtu adalah bermula 8.30 pagi – 12.30 tengah hari….buat penat saya saja tunggu pejabat pos buka waktu tu….bukan sabtu minggu pertama pun nak cuti….GERAM BETULLAH….

  27. im not sure why semua surat yg takde kaitan dgn alamt rumah saya , sampai ke rumah saya. rumah saya # jalan ——- #…org lain yg nombor and lorong tah mana pun sampai kat rumah saya…hebat btul..