Millionaire Mind Intensive in Malaysia Was A Disaster Today

T Harv Eker’s Millionaire Mind Intensive program in Malaysia was A Disaster this morning!

Please Avoid this  program at all cost!

I saw some people were Fighting for a Seat during the event.

Many of the participant were sitting in the floor and standing all the way till the door.

What a Poor Logistic Planning done by Success Resources!

Millionaire Mind Intensive program

There’s are  so many people that don’t have seat even with the paid ticket!

They have been turn down and Success Resources offer two alternative:

1)  Go back and come for T Harv Eker’s Millionaire Mind Intensive program in December 2011

2) Try to squeeze in the super pack seminar room with no seat and feel uncomfortable during the seminar

I don’t understand why must Success Resources sell and promote so many tickets until there’s no seat for everyone.

What a let down!

Most of them paid and come from outstation but was turn down due to space constraint.

I even confirmed my ticket before the event but have no choice  to choose the first option-(come for T Harv Eker’s Millionaire Mind Intensive program in December 2011)

Would Success Resources compensate me for the loss of time, car parking and petrol to attend the event this morning?

This what Success Resources’s reply at Facebook:

Success Resources

Their reply  doesn’t make sense at all!

How to come tomorrow if I’ve missed the first day & already opt for option 1?

I never Expect Success Resources to had a bad planning even I confirmed my attendance after getting the ticket via post.

What’s the point of confirming my attendance and no seat was available during the event?

Success Resources send a SMS reminder to come to the T Harv Eker’s Millionaire Mind Intensive program  early but Never send SMS at 9am when all seats have been taken!

2 Responses to “Millionaire Mind Intensive in Malaysia Was A Disaster Today”

  1. Hi Alan,

    Hope you went for the seminar in December. I did, it just ended yesterday.

    Yes, there will be a sellout of seats. A lot of people were turned away last Friday too due to a full house. What can I say, you were late. It’s free, what did you expect?

    Sorry to be harsh but you weren’t serious enough about your financial freedom to bother coming early then complain when others do bother and book a seat.

    I hope that experience didn’t deter you from coming to the one in December as it was a great event! Maybe you can join the next one in 2012 if you missed this one.

    P/S – even if you had to sit on the floor, you would probably have learnt something.

  2. Did you sign up for any program during the event?