SKMM Maxis Internet Broadband | Prepaid Broadband Maxis SKMM

SKMM Maxis is available to those who received netbook SKMM 1 Malaysia under ‘Pek Projek Komputer 1Malaysia’. It’s a prepaid Internet Broadband that uses Maxis’s network.

It’s not available for sales to the individual. However ‘Pek Projek Komputer 1Malaysia’ broadband starter packs was sold in most online forum for RM60-RM100.


The starter pack comes with a free 0.7GB of data access(valid for 30 days of access from the first day of activation)  which are equivalent to:

  1. Accessing 7,000 web sites
  2. Reading 7,000 e-mails
  3. Watching movie for 11 hours
  4. Download 4,500 pictures
  5. Play up to  2,800 games

Since it’s using a prepaid system, there’s no monthly commitment nor binding  contract. You may just use the normal hotlink reload card to top up the balance,

You may choose to reload RM2, RM10 and RM25 for 100MB(1 day access), 500MB(5 days access), and 700MB(30 days access).

The speed is from 512kbps to 2Mbps and depend on the network and coverage.


SKMM Maxis Subscription and Top Up fee:

Subscription Volume Validity Price
Broadband 1 Day 0.5GB  500 MB  1 day  RM8.00
Broadband 7 Days 2.0GB  2000 MB  7 days  RM25.00
Broadband 30 Days 1.5GB  1500 MB  30 days  RM58.00
iPad Entry 30 Days  3500 MB  30 days  RM70.00
iPad Super 30 Days  6000 MB  30 days  RM90.00
iPad Premium 30 Days  15000 MB  30 days  RM200.00
Broadband 2 Days 0.5GB  500 MB  2 days  RM10.00
Broadband 2 Hrs 0.1GB  100 MB  2 hours  RM3.00
Broadband Special 1 Day 0.1GB  100 MB  1 day  RM2.00
Broadband Special 5 Days 0.5GB  500 MB  5 days  RM10.00
Broadband Special 30 Days 0.7GB  700 MB  30 days  RM25.00


How To Check Broandband Usage:

Just visit



How To Configure SKMM Maxis?

APN : bb net
Username : maxis
Password : wap

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