Money Chat – Personal Financial Budget | Episode 1

This is a Good Educational Video to improve your Personal Finance and achieving Financial Freedom!


Money Chat is a brand new personal financial awareness series brought to you by Komunitikini, Malaysia’s leading online community portal.

Hosted by Carol Yip, a financial coach and also author of financial books, the programme offers tips on how to manage your money wisely in easy to follow steps. Where needed workbooks and financial sheets can be downloaded free for your use.

Money Chat contains three segments per episode – a short sketch of different spending scenarios, a how-to segment to help solve your personal financial book-keeping woes, and also chats with selected celebrity guests to see how they manage their money!

For Segment 2 of Episode 1, there’s a link to a financial budget planner which is downloadable free to you!

And the celebrity offering for Segment 3 is none other than radio and stage personality, Patrick Teoh! So how do you manage your money Patrick?

Produced by Indrani Kopal
Camera: Maran Perianen
Voiceover: Nick Josh Karean

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