Beware of Phishing Scam

Phishing scams attempt to trick people into providing sensitive personal information such as login and password for online  banking details. In order to carry out this trick, the phishing scammers send a fraudulent email disguised as an official request for information from the targeted company and this case is Maybank2U. Read more on at Beware […]

Beware of Bogus Monks Begging for Alms and Seeking Donations

Have you been approached by saffron-robed monk who in his alms bowl consist of some orange or yellow or red amulets(or talisman, pendants, beads and strings), which he or she offers to you in exchange for money donation? . Do You Know the Monk’s bowls are meant for devotees to put in offerings of Food(NOT […]

Scratch and Win Scams New Trick

I was Surprise to see the Scratch-and-Win Syndicate still do their business as usual. Their Profit must be very Good else they will close shop already by now. Maybe as long there is an element of Human Greed or Ignorant, this Scratch-and-Win Syndicate will still be around to catch their prey. The scratch-and-win was an […]