Affordable Car Insurance For Convicted Drivers

All car driver by law must buy a car insurance. This is to protect third parties against any loss and damage should unfortunate accident happen. It not easy to find a person with a clean licence. If you have a previous motoring conviction such as for reckless driving, caught speeding, drink driving and other alcohol […]

The Most Confusing Road Signs

I totally agreed that Malaysia road signs is very Confusing and Not Totally Reliable. This is in fact defeat the purposes of having  road signs at the first place. You can take a drive to Putrajaya and experience yourself. Just make sure your Car’s petrol is on Full Tank. The worst thing in some place […]

Car Safety Hammer | A Must Have Item

Every year, over thousands of people are involved in road accidents. Traffic accidents in Malaysia have been increasing at the average rate of 9.7% per annum over the last 30 years i.e. the total number of road accidents has increased from 24,581 cases in 1974 to 363,314 cases in 2007, reaching more than 137% increase. […]