What Is Proprietary Day Traders And Stockists | Bursa Malaysia

If you look at the top volume counters that traded in Bursa Malaysia, you’ll notice majority of the counter are from penny stock counter. Some of the them includes Ingens, Nicorp, AWC, KPSCB, Asuprem and etc as at today. Pennies and speculative stock like Metronic Global Bhd (Metronic) and Ariantec Global Bhd (AGlobal), which makes […]

Digi.com Berhad Electronic Dividend Payment Notification| eDividend

Some of the Public Listed companies(PLC) like Digi, provide notification of Electronic Dividend Payment (eDividend) to their shareholder via e-mail and SMS. This is a very good moves and service to their shareholders. With SMS, you can get immediate notification and alert. Most other PLC only send  e-mail notification. That e-mail may landed in the […]

Harvest Court Industries Berhad Designation Status Lifted By Bursa Malaysia

It’s not a surprise that the share of  timber products maker, Harvest Court Industries Berhad, hit a limit up once the Designation Status Lifted By Bursa Malaysia on 9:00 a.m., Monday, 9 January 2012. Both the mother share hit limit up by  jumped 33 sen or 31% from RM1.08 to RM1.41 while its warrants soared […]