Digi.com Berhad Electronic Dividend Payment Notification| eDividend

Some of the Public Listed companies(PLC) like Digi, provide notification of Electronic Dividend Payment (eDividend) to their shareholder via e-mail and SMS.

This is a very good moves and service to their shareholders. With SMS, you can get immediate notification and alert. Most other PLC only send  e-mail notification. That e-mail may landed in the spam mailbox!



Electronic Dividend Payment or eDividend refer to the payment of cash dividends by a listed issuer to its shareholders’ cash Dividend entitlement into their respective bank accounts instead of making payment via bank cheques.

Read more about eDividend  at Implementation of Electronic Dividend Payment | eDividend Bursa Malaysia

eDividend was implemented effective on the third quarter of 2010.

You will still get the dividend statement receipt via ordinary mail.

Sample of E-mail Notofication from Digi:

Payment Advice  
For the attention of: 
Alan, Malaysia  
Dear Sir/Madam,  
Please be advised that the following payment will be made to you on behalf of DIGI.COM BERHAD   
Transaction Reference: XXX 
Payer/Remitter’s Reference No: XXX
Beneficiary Details: ALAN  
Payment method: Giro   
Payment Amount: XXX  
Currency: MYR  
Value Date: 08-Dec-2011  
Payment Details: MAIL 

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