Beware of Scratch-and-Win Scams


Even the Modus operandi of the Scratch-and-Win Scams are almost the same and always highlighted in the Newspaper, a lot people still fall into this trap.

This is mainly due to Greed and Ignorance!

There’s no such thing as Free Lunch!

Even NOT  a Breakfast or Dinner!

The Scratch-and-Win operator is a commonly seen at Bintang Walk(near to KL Monorail Bukit Bintang stop) and actively since last two week.

I also bump into them at Mid Valley Bus stop last month.

I myself witness how they convince their prospect.

The Sales Person(normally a young teenager) will hand over a lucky draw coupon to the prospect. The prospects(victim) would  scratched on Lucky Draw coupon and would won a car model like Toyota Altis, Proton Persona or Perodua Viva. The victim then need to go to the syndicates  office to claim the car.

A taxi is readily waiting to fetch the prospects to the office(all these are pre-arrange).

From what I read and gather, when they reached the office, a Manager will explain the winning car prizes plus a “newly” won prize like Plasma TV, oversea travel tour, water filter etc.  The prospect then will asked to pay in order to claim the prizes and sign an agreement.

For detail victim experience, please read the below newspaper extract below.

Who is the real Winner in this Scratch-and-Win Scams?

For sure the Looser would be Sales Person(normally a teenager being exploit) and the victims.


Student loses RM2,200 in scratch and win scam

By pekwan

Cheok [1]

VICTIM: Cheok showing the police report and the identity card of a women who conned him

COLLEGE student Cheok Yin Keat had in the past read accounts of people being duped by “scratch and win” scams.

However, little did he know that he would one day fall prey to a scam that he has read so much about. The Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman student initially thought that he had won himself a brand new car, but instead lost RM2,200 in cash.

Relating the incident, the 22-year-old from Seremban said he was at Berjaya Times Square on Sunday when he was approached by two women and four men. They invited him to take part in a contest, where he would have to scratch a coupon and find out the prize that he had won.

“Initially, I refused to take part and asked them to show their identification card. One of the women then handed me her card and told me that I do not need to pay anything, and that I should just give it a shot. I agreed and scratched the coupon they gave me,” he said.

The group had earlier explained to Cheok that a colour would appear when he scratched the coupon and that different colours would indicate the type of prizes he would get. Silver colour was for the grand prizes which could either be cars, cash or tickets to holiday destinations.

“I was elated when I got the silver colour and they asked me to follow them to their office in Taman Desa  to find out the actual prize I  had won,” said Cheok. However, once we arrived at the office, Cheok was asked to pay RM3,800 in order to redeem the prize.

Since he did not have the full amount, one person from the group then offered to help him pay RM1,600, and asked Cheok to pay the balance of RM2,200.

“Without hesitating I went to the nearest ATM machine and took out the money and passed it to the same woman who showed me her identification card. She seemed like she was writing down the code number of my money but managed to run away with my money right under my nose when two guys distracted me,” said Cheok.

The whole situation just became more and more like a movie when they gave Cheok a jade studded pillow claiming that it was worth RM4,000 which he refused to take.

Finally, realising that he was being duped, Cheok demanded for his money back but this time, the men did not pretend to be nice anymore when they pushed him out of the office and left the premises when Cheok threatened to call the police.

Cheok then lodged a report at the Brickfields police station and sought help from the MCA Wangsa Maju Division, where he brought along the woman’s identification card which was given to him earlier.

“Now that we have the identity card of the woman, we will give her one week to come to our office to return his money and she can take her card back. But if she refuses, we will write a letter to the National Registration Department and request that she is not given a replacement card,” said MCA Youth Chairman for Wangsa Maju Division Soo Jing Wey who held a Press conference yesterday morning at Taman Danau Kota, Setapak.

MCA Youth calls attention to scratch-and-win scams

JOHOR BARU: MCA Youth will hand over a memorandum to the Prime Minister, the MCA president and the Domestic Trade, Cooperative and Consumerism Minister to call their attention to the proliferation scratch-and-win scams.

MCA Youth Consumer Affairs bureau deputy chief Kua Song Tuck said the bureau was compiling information related to the matter for the memorandum to be submitted soon.

He said a recent assault in Kuala Lumpur involving two scratch-and-win workers showed that the victims were taking matters into their own hands.

He said he was worried that similar cases would happen if no further action was taken by the relevant government agencies.

Solving problems: Kua (second from left) and other MCA Youth members addressing the press conference in Johor Baru recently.

“From the scratch-and-win cases we have dealt with, we know it is difficult for the victims to get their money reimbursed.

“They come to us after lodging police reports. About 30% of them had obtained orders from the Consumer Claims Tribunal but still failed to get their money back,” said Kua at a press conference here recently.

He urged the police and the Domestic Trade and Consumer Department to set up a task force to curb the syndicates.

“Many people have fallen victim to the syndicates that use cunning ways to close deals. We want action against them.

“The amount of money involved is between RM3,000 and RM5,000, but there are victims who have lost larger sums,” he said, adding that the biggest sum was in a case in Kluang that involved RM110,000.

Kua said the amount victims lose to the syndicates might be more than RM1mil a day.

“The syndicates have about 50 branches nationwide. If each branch closes 10 deals of RM3,000 each a day, they make RM1.5mil,” he said.

Kua said that another concern was that the workers hired by the syndicates were young, mostly teenagers.

“They are supposed to be the future leaders and it is worrying that they are involved in such syndicates,” he said.


‘Police did not help’ claim by scratch-and-win scam victim


KUALA LUMPUR: A victim of a scratch-and-win scam claims that police dismissed her case as a civil matter and told her to seek help from the Consumer Claims Tribunal.

Lee Bok Kee, 51, sought the help of MCA Public Services and Complaints Department head Datuk Michael Chong instead.

Chong informed city CID chief Datuk Ku Chin Wah and was told that Lee’s case was being investigated for cheating.

He added that he had received 51 similar cases since last year, involving some RM296,000. Of the 31 cases this year, Chong said he was only able to get refunds for six victims.

In Lee’s case, she was approached by a teenager in Jalan Leboh, Ampang, on June 23.

The teenager offered Lee an envelope to open.

Lee was then told she had won a car but had to pay the company a sum of money before she could collect her prize.

She went to the bank, withdrew some cash and gave the woman RM3,000.

Lee was later asked to pick from one of three envelopes.

The envelope she picked claimed she had won a selection of home appliances worth about RM12,000.

However, to claim the prize, she needed to pay the company another RM4,000.

Lee did not pay the additional sum, but had signed a contract binding her to pay an amount of money should she reject the home appliances.

Later, she contacted the company to get her RM3,000 back.

She said each time she called the company to ask about the refund, the company personnel would be evasive and gave her excuses.

Lawyer Alex Kok, who is assisting Chong, claimed this was a criminal and cheating case because the culprits demanded payments from the victims before delivering the goods.

Be more aware of the latest scams, youngters told


THE scratch-and-win scam is back, but this time around, there is a new twist.

A 22-year-old student was cheated of RM2,200 last Sunday by a group of six youngsters who led him to believe he had won a car.

Cheok Yin Kiet, from Setapak, initially refused to believe the group, but one girl handed over her Mykad to him to convince him that they were genuine. She forgot to take it back.

This, according to the MCA Wangsa Maju division, is a new tactic to con unsuspecting victims like Cheok.

“I trusted her only because she gave me her Mykad without fear. I did not know it was a new tactic to convince me,” Cheok said.

The victim was approached by the group at Berjaya Times Square shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur and was asked to scratch a token. He was told that if the colour turned out to be silver, he stood a chance of winning a car, cash and a free holiday.

After the girl handed over her Mykad, the group took Cheok to their bare office in Taman Desa to redeem his gift. Upon arrival, he was asked to take part in another lucky draw.

Cheok won a jade-studded pillow this time around, but the group said he had to pay RM2,200 before he could collect it.

The group told him the pillow was worth more than RM4,000 and they proceeded to a nearby Shell petrol station to withdraw the cash. However, when they got back to the office, Cheok had second thoughts.

“I told them I had changed my mind, but they refused to give me back my money and pushed me out of the office,” he said.

Cheok immediately called 991. However, the group saw Cheok making the call and fled the office.

Cheok then proceeded to the Brickfields police station to lodge a report.

He also sought the assistance of Wangsa Maju MCA division chairman Datuk Yew Teong Look’s service centre. Yew’s secretary, Lim Choon Hong, said they were hoping the suspect, who had handed over her Mykad, would come to the Wangsa Maju MCA office to clarify the matter.

“We are giving her one week to come and meet us at the office, failing which we will report her to the National Registration Department so she will not be able to make another Mykad,” Lim said during a press conference held at the MCA office in Danau Kota on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, MCA Wangsa Maju Youth chief Soo Jing Wey said he was puzzled over why the police did not scrutinise the case more closely as it involved a Mykad.

“The case cannot be solved by the police as it is a clear buy-and-sell issue, so they will refer the case to the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs,” Soo said.

“However, under Malaysian law, a citizen cannot be in possesion of another person’s Mykad, so why didn’t they take the Mykad from Cheok?” Soo asked.

He said the modus operandi was still the same but the perpetrators were scouting new locations, like malls, for victims, rather than the old haunts like car parks.

He also hoped that youths would start paying attention to the media to understand and know the latest issues around them.

He said the new scams targeted youths but many still fell prey despite the alerts and warnings sent out.

The service centre had received four to five scam cases involving youngsters since last year but only two from senior citizens.

Scratch-and-win syndicate strikes again


YET another victim has fallen prey to the scratch-and-win scam despite numerous reports on such cases.

At a press conference at Bukit Bintang MP Fong Kui Lun’s service centre, 50-year-old school canteen vendor Siew Chee Onn, whose daughter had fallen prey to the scam hopes to highlight this issue so that others would not become victims.

Last week, his daughter Siew Yee Ting, 20, and her friend were approached by two sales people who tried to promote their products to her. She was then asked to try her luck and pick one of the envelopes that contained prizes.

The salesmen then informed Siew that she had won some prizes and asked her to follow them to their office in Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park.

She was introduced to a person only known as Tee who told her that she had to pay government taxes amounting to RM5,600 and sign an agreement in order to redeem her prize.

As she did not have enough cash in hand, she went to an ATM and only managed to withdraw RM3,000 but the company issued her a receipt anyway.

After signing the agreement, she discovered that she had “won” a jade mattress and Nano digital stove, worth RM10,000 in total.

She was unsatisfied with the prize and felt short-changed, feeling that the prizes were not worth the money paid and attempted to get her money back.

However, she was unable to do so as she had signed the agreement that clearly stated she had to accept the prize and could not object nor take any further action.

She then lodged a report at the Brickfields police station.

When asked why his daughter has fallen prey to such scams that have been highlighted in the media, Siew replied that she did not read the newspapers.

It was noted that the company address stated in the agreement Siew signed was different from the one in the receipt.

Fong said the police should take action against such syndicates to prevent the public from becoming victims.

“There’s no such thing as free lunch,” he said.

“These syndicates take advantage of human weaknesses. The public should read the newspapers and keep abreast of such scams,” he said.

He added that snatch theft cases had doubled from 600 cases (in 2008) to 1,200 in the first quarter of the year.

‘Scratch and win’ assault

KUALA LUMPUR: Seven angry and frustrated people who claimed to have been cheated in a scratch-and-win scam beat up two men allegedly involved in the scam.

The group had gone to a double-storey shoplot in Taman Danau Desa here at 1pm to demand reimbursement of the money they had paid.

It is learnt that the situation became tense and the group suddenly began assaulting two men working there as well as breaking things in the office.

Muslim Consumers Association of Malaysia executive secretary Datuk Nadzim Johan and three others coincidentally arrived minutes after the fracas broke out.

“I was accompanying a complainant who was a victim of this scam. We were planning to negotiate a reimbursement for the victim, so I called the media as well, but was shocked to see the two staff members in their 20s being beaten up and the office smashed up.

Venting their frustration: The group of men attacking one of the men allegedly involved in the scam at a double-storey shoplot in Taman Danau Desa Thursday.

“I shouted ‘stop’ several times before they finally stopped assaulting the duo.

“I believe they were relatives of victims who were cheated of their money after they were promised a Perodua Viva,” Nadzim said.

He said victims of scratch-and-win scams were often frustrated by the lack of action against the culprits.

“The victims usually lodged police reports and complained to the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs enforcement division but little or no action is taken against these unscrupulous people who continue to prey on unsuspecting victims,” Nadzim said.

He also noted that the duo were not badly injured and only had bruises on their body and face.


Tale of scratch-and-win tactics in two cities

  • In Johor Baru:

I WAS approached by two youths who came knocking at my apartment in Tampoi, Johor Baru, at about 3pm.

They flashed me their identification cards, a piece of laminated paper that had their photograph, a company logo and only their names on it.

They then told me that they were doing a survey for a supermarket chain and needed a few minutes of my time.

They also assured me that I did not have to buy anything, as it was only a survey to know the demographics of the population around Tampoi.

After asking some personal questions like my household expenses and how I spend my money, one of the youths told me that in an effort to attract customers, his outlet was giving away prizes to lucky winners.

One of them took out a card and told me to scratch it, saying this was also the shopping complex’s way of rewarding me for my time.

After I scratched it and the card revealed a picture of a car, the duo immediately started congratulating me, saying I had won a Toyota Altis and that this was the first time they had seen a person winning it.

They said people usually won holiday packages, motorcycles, flat-screen television sets, computers and mattresses.

They also kept complimenting me for being the “luckiest person that month” and showed me photographs of past winners that had been published recently in local dailies.

They even showed me the exact colour photographs as published in the newspaper.

They also called their “boss” on his mobile phone and told me that he wanted to congratulate me personally.

They then invited me to go to their sales outlet in Permas to collect the car, which they said had to be given away that very day.

When I declined, telling them that I was busy, they even offered to drive me to their office. They said their commission depended on the items won by the customers.

They did their best to coax me into going with them, saying I was also eligible to win other electrical items.

But I declined their offer and sent them off.

When I went downstairs and met up with some neighbours, I realised that a total of five people from my apartment block had “won” Toyota Altis cars that day. – NELSON BENJAMIN

  • In Selangor:I HAD just loaded some things into my car at the parking lot of a hypermarket in Puchong when Yap, 17, came running after me with a pink envelope in his hand.He introduced himself and said that he was promoting a lucky draw.All I had to do was open the envelope and if it contained the words terima kasih(thank you), he would not bug me any more. He said he would just get a commission of 50 sen from his company.To the security guards at the hypermarket, Yap is ulat(bug), which refers to pushy people who are looking for victims for their scratch-and-win scam.It seemed the luck of the gods was shining on me that day, as the sum of RM1,500,000 was written on the paper inside the envelope.

    With a look of shock, surprise and disbelief rolled into one, Yap shouted: “Oh my god, you are so lucky, sir. You are a winner!”

    Apparently, I was in the running to win a car, motorcycle, fridge, laptop or video camera.

    “You don’t need to pay me anything. It’s all free,” Yap said.

    He proceeded to open his bag and take out a laminated advertisement published in a leading Bahasa Malaysia national daily. (Incidentally, the ad cost more than RM12,000.)

    The advertisement told of how a businessman had won a new car by taking part in the same scratch-and-win contest that Yap was now pushing me to do.

    So I stood to win a brand new car. And Yap said that he would receive a commission of RM3,000 if I won the car.

    The only catch was that I would have to go with him to his office in another part of Puchong. (He even asked me to drive him there.)

    “You can hold my identity card if you don’t believe me. You have nothing to lose,” said the pushy Yap.

    I politely declined. – RASHVINJEET S. BEDI


83 Responses to “Beware of Scratch-and-Win Scams”

  1. Alan, good sharing you have here. I saw quite a number of active Scratch and Win scam in Kuching too. Last 2 year, a very young guy also approached me at a local shopping complex and telling me to answer some questionaires and then, pick certain lucky number from a PC and then told me that I won a set of electronic items. When I said I am not interested, he and his team even call their so called ‘Manager’ from other places and convinced me to take the items with one condition (to take a pic with the items and provide another 10 person in which they can refer their products too. for my case, eventhough no cash involved, i still consider it as Scracth and Win. Maybe the cash involvement after the victim agree to take the pic. Gov should actively stop all this scams.

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  3. Good sharing..

    I had same experience before 3 years ago. When the sale person failed
    to convince me, the manager went down from a car with nice suite.

    But the face, the tatoo , the body language, Loudsy broken english and miss match of sport shoe with suite…all told me he is a con man.

    Luckily my place has security and call them to “fuc*” off.

  4. I was cheated too.

    He would receive a commission of RM3,000 if I won the car.

    I wanted to help him since I did not pay anything initially.

    I feel so stupid.

  5. So how much you pay them?

  6. about RM4000. Got the vaccum, jade mattress, microwave and hi-fi sound system. After minus those, RM3000

  7. Did You reported this case to Tribunal for Consumer Claims Malaysia or get your money back?

    No need to do Police report as I think they can’t do anything.

    I have a case with Tribunal for Consumer Claims Malaysia, it takes very long legal process to take the money back even I win the case(Not Scratch-and-Win Scams related case)

  8. No, may I know what should I do?

  9. Jasmine,

    I’m not allow to gave any advice because I’m not legal or authority people.

    Anyway, based on my experience dealing with a Con Man case. Maybe you may consider to do the same thing like what I did 😀

    If you think you was cheated and not happy, then first step is to make a Police report.

    The Investigation Officer(Inspector rank) will advice you some remedies like ask you to report the cases with Tribunal for Consumer Claims Malaysia etc.

    The police normally cannot do anything in this cases because this is a civil matter and not a criminal matter.

    I hope you got all your the receipt payment as a proof of payment.

    Hope that will help.

    P/S: Maybe you can sought the help from MCA Public Services and Complaints Department head, Datuk Michael Chong.
    I not yet did that 😀

  10. […] For more information on Scratch-and-Win Syndicate SCAM, please visit Beware of Scratch-and-Win Scams […]

  11. unfortunately I do not have any receipt. They do not give me.

  12. I believe the no of people fall under this scam is far more than the no shown in newspaper/ MCA website, etc. Can’t the government or police do something? They normally target chinese.

  13. If no receipt then a bit hard to prove you have paid them.

    Anyway, maybe you can just make a police report first & get the Police advice.

    The Police then will be the right person to advice you on the next step 😀

  14. I was just approached by 2 young chinese girls saying they are doing some surveys as an electronic shop is going to be opened at Tampoi, JB area. After answering a few simple questions they gave me a gift card and if the word THANK YOU comes out then I won’t win anything but of course I got the card with the gift and I may win a car, plasma tv, holiday or cash. I just have to scratch and see what I won. I was a bit sceptical about it as I have heard of stuffs like this before. One of the girl was overly excited that I won. They wanted to come in the house and explain more in detail how to go about claiming my gift. I told her I don’t believe in all this. So she insisted on explaining it to me outside the house. Of course after telling me what are the gifts I can win and I will appear on newspaper, blah blah blah. Then comes the bomb. I have to pay RM5600 of government tax, delivery charges n etc in order to get my gift before I can scratch the card. I told her I don’t have that kind of money and talk to my husband when he gets home. So she gave me her contact number only after trying to persuade me a few times asking if I can pay the money and claim my gifts and I said no. Finally they left. Not sure if her contact number is right but I am thinking of reporting this incident since already there are police cars driving around this area quite often maybe they can track this girls down.

  15. yeah man i just got scammed today around petaling street. do me a favour fellow malaysians, let’s rip off those envelopes/coupons in public and in their face the next time they offer it to you. let’s be more aggresive and not let them persuade and influence us. let god burn them in hell for those scammers that got away with this.

  16. Woman to get back RM5,100 she lost in scratch-and-win game

    JOHOR BARU: A company promoting a scratch-and-win game was ordered to refund RM5,100 to a Singaporean woman who claimed to have been cheated during a holiday in Kuala Lumpur.

    Consumer Claims Tribunal president Sup­piah Muthusamy ordered the company to re­­turn the money within 14 days.

    Before presenting the award, Suppiah told the woman: “I thought you are tech-savvy and have read this kind of stories on the Internet.”

    In her statement of claim, Foo said she was in Lot 10 shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur with a friend in October last year when they were approached by four men.

    “I was told to pick a card and they said I won a microwave oven and needed to go to the office at Jalan Klang Lama to collect it,” she said, adding that when she arrived at the office, she was told that she had won other prizes.

    Foo claimed that she paid a total of RM5,600 for a jade mattress and a water purifier.

    They promised to courier the items to her but she never got them, she added.

    She said that she filed the case in Johor and not in Kuala Lumpur as it was more convenient for her to travel between Singapore and Johor.

    Suppiah awarded her RM5,100 as she did not have all the receipts to prove that she had paid RM5,600 to the company.

    In another case, Suppiah ordered a computer repair shop to give a student a new laptop after it was found to have delayed sending the laptop she had given them for repair to the manufacturer.

    Universiti Teknologi Malaysia student Maz­yani Muhammad Raslani, 25, stated in her claim that the delay had affected her studies.

    She claimed that she had sent in the laptop to the shop on Dec 18 last year when it was still under warranty.

    Mazyani added that she went to the shop on Dec 31 to check on her laptop and was disappointed to learn from the staff that her laptop had only just been sent for repair.

    “I went to the shop on Jan 15 to get my laptop back, but this time I could not switch it on, she said, adding that the motherboard was faulty, and the LCD screen had scratches.

    Suppiah ordered the shop to replace the laptop with a new one that comes with additional memory along with a three-year warranty, while Mazyani was to return the old one to the shop.

  17. Heftier fines for direct selling cheats

    BERA: Individuals caught cheating consumers in direct selling schemes can be fined up to RM1mil under amendments to the Direct Sales Act.

    This is four times heavier than the present fine of RM250,000.

    Companies, meanwhile, face fines up to RM5mil compared to the RM500,000 penalty now, Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consume­rism Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said.

    “The amended Act provides for a heavier penalty for cheating when conducting direct sales, which includes scratch-and-win activities,” the minister said at a presss conference after meeting about 200 committee members of the Bera Federa­tion of Felda Women’s Associations at the Bera Umno building here.

    The Attorney-General’s Chambers had approved a draft of the amended Act, which would be submitted to the Cabinet during its meeting next week before being tabled in the current session of the Dewan Rakyat, Ismail Sabri added.

    He said that although the Govern­ment had issued direct sales licences, it was not to be misused to carry out illegal scratch-and-win activities.

    The Bera MP advised those who had been approached by scratch-and-win agents to notify the authorities at 1-300-888-25.

    “The ministry, with help from the police and Finance Ministry, has set up a special committee to tackle direct sales and scratch-and-win cases, but we need the public to provide information for action can be taken,” he added.

  18. You can sign Online Petition to Stop Scratch & Win Scammers at

  19. Scratch and Win Scammer Location:

    Please announce and let everybody aware that currently this scammer are around City Square, Bridge towards Public Bank. Exit from level 2 City Square near the foodcourt there. Alan, please share with more ppl as i surf the web then found out actually so many victims and been years in Msia. I’m working in sg and seldom back msia and never heard abt this. I been cheated last week and am trying to do something about it..I hope that nobody will get cheated anymore..IS there anyway that I can stop some of them in JB? Hope that i can help..

  20. I would like to know if there’s any website to post up the photos about the location of the scammers’ office and some of their photos! i was one of the victim! i hope to spread out the awareness. thanks

  21. my case was happened on 9th april and obviously police and the tribunal never take any action. whenever i called to ask for further progressment, they will just said in process? A case needs a month ++ to process while the scammers have more chance to do fraud again! Is this the country we want? I hope the authorities should take stern action!

  22. I’m from JB. I went to JB City Square in this morning. I was approached by a young Lady and she asking me to sign and peel off the ‘lucky draw’ envelope. Once I open the envelope, there is a picture of a car and she congrats me for winning the prize. She told me that ‘you are the first person in 6 month to win such a big price like this’. Actually I’m not that surprise after knowing that I ‘won’ that prize because I feel something fishy about her and I need to be careful. She told me that I need to go to their office in Permas Jaya to claim the prize. The lady told me that the Car is free of charge and I only have to pay the road tax and insurance. Once I reach their office in Permas Jaya, the manager told me that, other than paying the road tax and insurance, I also need to pay the goverment tax with a sum of RM6998. WTF! I thought free! I feel something not right about this company..the manager ask me to prepare the money immediately because he want want to arrange the winning price on the same day. the manager ask the lady to accompany me to withdraw the money. So the lady follow me and I drive to Sentosa to withdraw the money from RHB. But actually I already have a plan.. I pretend that I dont know where is the RHB bank in Sentosa. She also not so sure where is the RHB bank because she is not very familiar with the Sentosa area. I ask her to ask someone from the coffee shop where is the bank. Im waiting the moment she get in to the coffee shop..once she get in.. I drive away from her and leave her at that coffee shop..haha.. serve her right. I drive directly to my apartment in and get a rest. Luckily im not been cheated by that scammers.. I know exactly their office in permas jaya. I think it is time to take an action to this kind of people.

  23. bravo kusanagi…i salute u 4 that idea…i have not come across this kinda thing yet but when i suddenly bump 2 a lot of cheat cases,,,i m damm furious with these low life trash who belive in free lunch…dammit…i will definitely help spread the word 2 everyone out there

  24. Today I go2 lot10 by monarail . Have a guy around 19 years old.
    The guy a young teenager hand over a lucky draw coupon to me. He said I scratched on Lucky Draw coupon and then get a silver col. that mean I can won a car model like Toyota Altis, Proton Persona or Perodua Viva. Ask me go to the syndicates office to claim the gift.

    A taxi is readily waiting to fetch the prospects to the office. RM35 charges to go there.

    when we reached the office, a Manager explain to me the car prizes plus a “newly” won prize like Plasma TV, oversea travel tour, water filter etc. Travel tour can change to cash. I need to paid RM5000 to get the all gift.
    I don’t know just “blur blur” follow all the thing they said.
    Go2 ATM take money.I take jor RM2000.
    And then they asked me sign an agreement and give me they IC check.
    Said all the thing have black and white. Don worry.
    After that they use a special scan to scan to coupon, then can know what I won. and then the gift they said they help me sold out to change cash, ask me leave down the all gift and then give me a handphone number 0172385088, said I contact with them by this number. after that when i go down want back home . down stair already have a taxi standby. RM30 to back klcc.
    Untill I reach klcc. suddenly I just like "wake up". I know give ppl cheat already. I feel so stupid. don knw why just follow all what they said. I lose total RM2000. is my this month salary.

  25. So sorry to hear that, Angel.

    Try to make a police report with all the supporting documents i.e receipt

  26. Scratch and Win Scammer Location:

    Be aware, there is a syndicate will appear in bukit jalil station thrice a week from 5.30pm to 8.30pm. I hope the police will do something about it

  27. If any one see the Scratch and Win Scammer

    Please call

    Police Brickfield : 0322627555 (they will give u the police number to contact in ur area)

    Police Cheras :0392840083

    just tell them the location for their action, if everyone do that,
    we can stop them! Remember they are criminal!

  28. argh. i just been cheated today. 2 chinese teenagers approach me at bukit jalil Lrt there and give me the scratch and win. at 1st i refuse but they keep insist me to anticipate it. after that they told me i have won the gift prize and ask me to follow them to they office at OUG there. scammed about RM2000.

  29. Hi

    Please note that the sydnicate is approaching many Singaporeans at entrance of City Square that links the Custom Checkpoint to the Square. I am one of the victims on 11 August 2010. We are not aware of this scam and they seem very professional.

    The guy who approached me is a Malaccan student. They are very persistant. Their office is now in a tax account office opposite 30, Jln Permas 9/3, BDR Baru Permas Jaya, Masai. It is on top of the Wonton Mee Shop. Please make sure you get these jerks and help the victims to get back their money.

  30. I got cheated RM2,800 last week too. Thinking back, I was also very rejecting at first, but somehow they managed to ‘convince’ me with newspaper cuttings showing previous winners like an actor in Singapore, with their faces printed flawlessly there. I gave up too easily, and somehow fall onto their trap. Furthermore, they made us wanna use our luck even knowing that getting an object prize would need us to pay GST, by putting in prizes which can be redeemable in cash, such as the travel packages and all. BUT, all are scams, you will still get the number 13! JADE MATTRESS, which they said only left with 1, but you see in this website, everyone is mentioning JADE MATTRESS, so we got scammed into buying their products, since we do have something in return.

  31. i got cheated RM$4600!!!! very upset ~~~ the scammers sure know how to mislead their targets esp those who r not locals like me… winners/ads in the press $#@!+?*% …. lodged a police report(useless but necessary) and reported to tribunal as well. i wonder if tribunal cant help me unless the scammers acknowledge that they have received the documents since it was posted back to me after I got back home from tribunal court!! then i posted it out again. feeling so frustated and helpless lately >< Is there any other way to get help? your advice is greatly appreaciated. my hard-earned money gone just like that ….. Helpppppp~

  32. The police should be able to advice on what to do next

  33. gonna ask MCA if neither the police nor the tribunal gonna help……. if MCA ignores me, then i guess that’s it =(

  34. i also got cheated at Tesco Bukit Indah. their office is at Taman Perling. i lost RM3100 to them..that money is for my wedding this incoming November..maybe i’m that greedy as they convince me that i can win car or cash..since i need more cash for my wedding,i was easily cheated by them..i dont know what to do..not even dare to tell my fiance that i lost my wedding money to that evil stupid fellow.
    of course i also got number 13,jade mattres..they are 1 malay and 1 chinese man.and their manager is malay.please advise what to do.
    i’m also jobless now..huhu

  35. hi nurain,

    Make a police report!

  36. Scratch-and-win scam leaves factory worker RM6,000 poorer

    JOHOR BARU: She was told to sign a letter to win a prize. Instead, factory worker Cheah Yoke Ngoh ended up RM6,000 poorer after she was duped into joining a scratch-and-win scam.

    Relating her misfortune at a press conference called by Johor Baru MCA Youth chief Kua Song Tuck here, Cheah, 27, said she had taken the Aidilfitri break to visit her family in Pahang on Sept 7.

    However, while at the LRT station in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur, a group of men approached her to persuade her to join a scratch-and-win contest.

    She first rejected the offer but, at the insistence of one of the men who lamented that his sales was down, Cheah gave in.

    The man, who gave his name as Xiao Long, said she needed to only sign a letter to be eligible for the prizes.

    She agreed to help and he took out a few envelopes, opening one of them without even asking for her permission.

    He said she had won a jade mattress and was also eligible for other prizes.

    He then hailed a taxi and brought her to an office at Jalan Mega Mendung, near Jalan Klang Lama, where he said she could claim her prize.

    Another man at the office, however, said she had to fork out RM6,000 to claim her prizes.

    She added that the man had told her that they would not take her money but needed to copy the serial number of her money to find out if she would win other prizes.

    “I agreed to their request and took out RM6,000 as I wanted to know if I had won other prizes.

    “However, while one of the men was explaining the deal to me, Xiao took my money without even bothering to give me the jade mattress I had purportedly won.

    “I later confronted Xiao about it and he merely told me to bring up the matter with his boss,” she said, adding that Xiao also offered to sell the mattress for her.

    Cheah has since lodged police reports at Raub in Pahang and Taman Ungku Tun Aminah here.

    Johor Baru (North) deputy OCPD Supt Mohd Akhir Ishak said Cheah’s case has been referred to the Petaling police station.

  37. Woman loses RM33,000 in envelope lucky draw scam

    JOHOR BARU: A 32-year-old assistant administrative officer claims that she was conned of RM33,000 after being promised prizes, including a brand new car and a trip for two to Hong Kong.

    The woman, who only wished to be known as May, said a man called Alvin had approached her at Jalan Station last Saturday and asked her to open one of several envelopes to find out if she had won any prizes

    “I opened the envelope and was told that I had won a jade mattress and that I needed to follow him to his office in Permas Jaya to pick up the prize. At the office, Alvin introduced me to his boss called Lim,” she told a press conference organised by Johor Baru MCA Youth chief Kua Song Tuck here yesterday.

    Lim offered her other prizes, including a new Toyota Camry and a trip for two to Hong Kong if she participated in a lucky draw. She, however, had to pay RM33,000 to secure the prizes.

    “I withdrew the money and Alvin took it while I was talking to Lim. I asked for my money back but instead, Lim give me a water filter, microwave oven, a jade mattress and other electronic items,” she said, adding that she felt cheated and lodged a police report at Permas Jaya police station.

    Johor Baru (South) OCPD Asst Comm Zainuddin Yaakob confirmed the case and said the matter has been transferred to the Johor Domestic Trade and Consumerism Deparment for further action.

  38. Confessions of a scammer

    KUALA LUMPUR: Some scratch-and-win companies are already getting their salespersons to hit the road and push Chinese New Year packages, a former worker with one such firm said.

    Tze Meng (not his real name) also told The Star how he first became involved in the trade and how such companies operated.

    He said he started off when he answered an advertisement for a sales job in a Chinese daily.

    “The returns or commissions are good; sometimes we get up to 25% of whatever sales we manage from those who supposedly won the scratch and win or draw.

    “If we bring in 25 customers, we get at least RM3,000 and this can be achieved within three days.”

    Tze Meng revealed that most of the salesmen were from the rural areas, who were naive and thought they could hit the sales target by working hard.

    During orientation, Tze Meng said the manager would teach the new recruits how to convince customers to buy their products.

    “The ‘lecturer’ made it seem easy to make thousands of ringgit and said everything was legal.

    “We were handed 20 cards – 10 with prizes and the others with the words ‘Thank You’ on it,” he added.

    Tze Meng said they would be taken to locations such as a shopping complexes, bus terminals, LRT stations, hypermarkets and sometimes outside banks.

    “We were taught how to target our customers. If a person is young and we think that they do not have the money then we offer them the ‘Thank You’ card to scratch.

    “If the person is older and looks well off, we use the cards that offer prizes like electrical items, energy water system, home theatre system or digital stove worth between RM4,000 and RM5,000,” he added.

    Tze Meng said the winner would be brought to the office where a supervisor would give a briefing about the “other prizes” he or she could win; and how much to fork out to redeem them.

    They would also be lured into believing they could win a Toyota Altis, Persona, Perodua Viva, 42-inch Plasma TV, LCD TV, Honda motorcycle, refrigerator and video camera.

    Before that, the victims would be asked to fill up an agreement form.

    “The fine print states that the victims bought the items voluntarily.

    “The goods bought were also not returnable,” he added.

    However, in most cases, the lucrative prizes never materialised and the customers ended up owning a cheap mattress after forking out thousands.

  39. In Perak, it is open and you lose

    SERI ISKANDAR: In Perak, it’s not scratch-and-win scams – instead, it’s an “open-and-win” scam.

    Perak executive council member Datuk Dr Mah Hang Soon said such scams had been used by syndicates for some time.

    Instead of scratching cards, victims would be asked to open card-like folders to reveal the prize they have won, usually electrical goods.

    “The scammers will then ‘sweet talk’ them into paying a large sum to claim their prizes,” he said after an oratory contest prize-giving ceremony at Universiti Teknologi Mara here yesterday.

    He said that the syndicates’ favourite spots were supermarkets. “The state domestic trade, co-operatives and consumerism department has launched raids at the syndicates’ den and seized many items from them,” said Dr Mah.

    “We will take necessary steps to stop them,” he added.

    Dr Mah also said summonses had been issued against the syndicates while some scammers even agreed to refund their victims.

    Dr Mah urged the public to be more alert when approached by the scammers.

    “People should try to refrain from being tempted and just learn to say no,” he said.

    “It is also important that the people stay informed about such cases so that they do not become easy prey.”

  40. Task force set up to erase bad hats

    JOHOR BARU: A task force has been set up to combat scratch-and-win scams here, said state Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs department director Che Halim Abdul Rahman.

    “It was set up on Sept 28 due to the rise in the number of victims here,” he said yesterday, adding that the force comprised officials from the Police, the Immigration and Customs.

    Che Halim said there were 74 victims of such scams between January and September in Johor, 65 of whom had filed claims with the Consumer Claims Tribunal.

    Johor Consumer Claims Tribunal section head Ahmad Sukeri Mohamed said nationwide, there were 341 cases.

    State MCA Public Complaints Bureau chief Chia Song Cheng said syndicates had been operating in the state for more than four years.

    Clinical psychologist Sylvester Lim said many were attracted by the prospect of getting rich quick, adding that people could not be hynoptised without his or her consent.

    The Star spoke to three victims, all below the age of 35, and found similarities in their cases.

    They were approached at public transport terminals, with Bukit Jalil and Masjid Jamek LRT stations being identified as hot spots.

    Undergraduate Leong Wai Git, 22, lost RM15,000 after being approach-ed by some aggressive marketeers.

    “I only showed a slight curiosity. Six of them approached me and overwhelmed me with their persistence, congratulating me, saying they had never seen anyone as lucky.”

    He said although he knew about such syndicates, he still proceeded with the deal.

    Amy Lee, who lost RM10,00 on the scam, blamed it on her curiousity.

    An IT executive, who only wanted to be known as Steven P, said it was financial pressure that led him to being tricked.

    “I had a bad feeling after making the payment. So I went online and found out many had fallen for the same trap,” he said, adding that he lost RM6,500.

  41. Come to consumer tribunal, scratch-and-win victims told

    JOHOR BARU: Victims of scratch-and-win scams should file complaints with the Consumer Claims Tribunal to try and get their money back, said it’s chairman Pretam Singh.

    He said people who had been conned could lodge their cases with the tribunal by only paying RM5.

    “They can file a case here and hopefully, it will help them get their money back and stop these syndicates from operating freely,” he told reporters at the consumer claims tribunal court here yesterday.

    Pretam said that although representatives from the syndicates rarely showed up during the tribunal hearing, they could be charged under Section 117 of the Consumer Protection Act if they did not adhere to the order served on them.

    “If they fail to abide by the tribunal’s decision, they are liable to a fine of up to RM5,000, two years’ jail or both,” he said.

    Pretam said 67 cases relating to scratch-and-win syndicates were filed at the tribunal this year alone but there were still many victims who had yet to come forward.

    “These 67 are victims in Johor Baru alone and the number is quite staggering,” he said.

    Pretam said that so far this year, victims had been cheated of RM359,392 in such scams, adding that more people were being conned each day.

    “Consumers need to be more cautious. All we can do is advise them to be aware and not be greedy when offered such unbelievable prizes.”

    He also said the Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry was already conducting investigations to clamp down on scratch-and-win syndicates.

  42. More victims of scratch-and-win scams

    KUALA LUMPUR: Four more victims have fallen prey to scratch-and-win scams in the last few days even after such cases were highlighted by the media.

    “They were unaware of the scam as they seldom read newspapers,” said MCA Public Complaints and Services Department head Datuk Michael Chong.

    The victims told a press conference at Chong’s office that they lost RM43,500.

    One of the victims who identified himself only as Wong, 29, said he was walking from Berjaya Times Square to Sungai Wang on Sept 27 when a couple approached him to scratch a coupon and was later told that he had won a prize.

    The couple then asked him to follow them to a company where he was greeted by a woman.

    Wong was told he needed to pay RM7,600 as government tax to retrieve the prize.

    Another victim, Teo, admitted that she was blinded by greed.

    She said on the first occassion in 2000, she was cheated of RM2,000 in a scratch-and-win scam.

    Again recently, she had been cheated of RM19,200.

    Chong said that he had issued repeated warnings and only last week The Star on Oct 9 had a front page story about such scratch-and-win scams.

    Chong urged the police to enforce the Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorism Financial Act 2001 against these companies.

    He hoped that the victims would be able to recover at least 80% of their money through the Consumer Claims Tribunal and also through the intervention of Federal Territories MCA Public Complaints Bureau deputy director Banie Chin.

    “Most scratch-and-win companies are located in Taman Danau Desa, Jalan Kuchai Lama and Mega Mandung OUG. Many of them are also operating in bus and LRT stations around Bukit Jalil,” said Chin who was present at the press conference.

    Chong urged the public, especially students to be more aware and to keep themselves updated with the latest news.

    He also asked parents to encourage their children to read the newspapers and be alert or risked fighting a losing battle.

  43. Scratch-and-win scams going down

    NUSAJAYA: The number of scratch-and-win scams nationwide has decreased drastically following an intense crackdown as well as more public awareness campaigns.

    Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Con­sumerism Deputy Minister Datuk Tan Lian Hoe said that among action taken was placing its personnel at the syndicates premises and advising people not to be duped by their “attractive” offers.

    “Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Johor are among the states with the highest number of cases (scratch and win).

    “However, Johor with an average of 10 cases per month has shown the most improvement with only one case this month,” she told a press conference after launching the consumer empowerment seminar in Kota Iskandar here yesterday.

    Tan also said a syndicate’s premises in Permas Jaya, Johor Baru had closed down earlier this month due to lack of customers.

    She said ministry officials were also assigned to hotspots such as shopping complexes to distribute flyers on the dangers of participating in such scams adding that the response from the public had been tremendous.

    “It is not easy to catch these syndicates, so we are more focused on deterring the public from becoming victims of their supposed ‘lucrative’ offers,” she said, adding that the ministry would focus on Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, which still averaged about 10 cases per month.

    Tan said the ministry was investigating the masterminds behind such syndicates.

    Asked whether VIPs or Datuks were among the suspected masterminds, Tan said investigations so far had not indicated this.

    She said that the Consumer Claims Tribunal had recorded 573 cases nationwide this year but the ministry aimed to reduce the number of cases as much as possible.

    “People from all walks of life including doctors and school principals, and even a friend who is a company director, have fallen victim,” she said.

  44. My sister become a victim of this scams when she taking monorail at bukit bintang station in the mid of dec. i was told by my sister that she had won a price worth RM12k by promising to give a sum of deposit Rm3k first.i was able to went to their office near old klang road taman danau to negotiate with them to return my sister Rm3k back but they refuse!.i accompany my sis to report this case at police station and hope legal action can take against them. 12/29/10 today i meet back the group of scammers at monorail station bukit bintang and they do recognized me and challenge me to talk to them at the time. i did not do so due to i was walking with my gf, and they where a group of people i lodge a police report right after i pass by them, and i do really hope police can take legal action against them.take note that this scammers are chinese form by girls and boys.

  45. I am one of the victim. it happened on 13/8/2011. they want me to follow them back to their office at kuchai lama to scan the thing and see which prize i get. they keep on asking me which bank i am using and how much money i have in my account.firstly, they promised that i don’t need to pay for the prize. then they want me to sign the agreement to prove that i am not force to participate. after that they want me to go to the bank to withdraw the money because they need to copy down the no. of the money. they also promised that i can get back all my money after that. after i withdraw the money, they want me to sign another agreement. they say that if i get any prize, i need to pay RM 7600 to the government. that time i only manage to withdraw RM 5000 from my account. then they want me bank in the balance RM 2600 to their account through internet banking, but due to some problem i fail to banking in the money. they want me to bank in the money to their account by next day. i’ve spend my RM 5000 and i only get a jade matress. after i reach my home, then only i realized that it is a scam. what should i do? should i report to the police?

  46. Yes…do make a police report

  47. thanks alan. but i already signed the agreement that stated i’m not force to participate and if i get any prizes i will pay the money. still need to report?

  48. Yes…make a police report & they will able to advise what to do next

  49. ok..i will make a police report….thanks

  50. My brother was cheated the same way yesterday n we make police report n consumer report what cn we do? Is there any chance to get back the money. The office is in danau Kota

  51. The police & the consumer report people should be the better people to answer your questions

  52. jnnejnne, i have meet the same problem like you, totally the same, winning the same prize, going to the same office at kuchai lama, they also using the same method to ask me give them money. However how u know the jade mattress is scam?? I also get a jade mattress and they tell me it worth RM10,000-RM15,000. And i also see got some people selling jade mattress through online and the price is like at least RM3500 or above. And did you manage to contact to the person who asking u to gv them money?? At least now i still can contact to him and he promise me to help me sell out. Of coz im not sure he is really got helping me to sell out onot or just lying to me…

  53. Hi i was cheated just now with rm3500, the so-called jade mattress. Any ways to claim back the money other than report to police and consumer tribunal?

  54. Report to police and consumer tribunal are the only way

  55. does anyone have the office address at jalan kuchai lama? i got scammed and i need their office add to appeal to ttpm..pls help

  56. anyone gt scammed lately at jalan kuchai lama has their address? i deeply need it..pls share if u hv.
    For those who gt scammed, pls report police and seek help to consumer tribunal and contact ur officer that handle ur case fast! once those ppl move, it is less likely to get back ur money, so act fast!

  57. Eradicate all THESE Scam on October 23rd, 2011 at 8:40 am

    Recently many singaporean got cheated for scratch and win concept. We should prevent crime by setting up facebook of the Cheater Face. Anyone interested to keep off? WE need to take their Photo and put it in the Cheater Face.

  58. Eradicate all THESE Scam on October 23rd, 2011 at 8:41 am

    Dont trust they will help you sold out…they are finding and stalling time so they can escape and move their office. We should stand together to Fight Crime.

    All in?

  59. FYI, there’s a Online petition at

  60. hi, my brother was cheated also..he has gone outstation now, what should i do now? can i make the police report and tribunal report on behalf of him? plz help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. You need the supporting document in order to make police report and tribunal report.

  62. but without him, i still can do so????

  63. Not sure about that…Please check with the police and tribunal directly & inform us back here

  64. just got scam yesterday kuchai lama office rm1550 is alot for a student what should i do now?

  65. Your question was answer in the above post here

  66. hi, this happened to me 2 days ago at lot10 monorail station.
    A young indian guy who spoke good chinese approached me, giving me one of these cards, and suddenly i “won” the grand prize ranging from Altis to TV, to travel packages.
    A group of young boys quickly surrounded me and congratulated me and led me to their “supervisor” who looked just as young.
    They tried to convince me by giving me their MyKad, offering to give money assistance if i couldnt pay the amount of RM7600. They took my MyKad (which they acted to be interested in while I was busy inspecting theirs), filled in my details in their “contract”, but I did not sign. I said I wasnt interested and walked away.
    What do I do? Can I still report to the police about them? Or is it just useless? Or do I go to another channel for complaints?
    Though I didn’t get conned but I don’t understand why these people are still scamming around without fear despite so many cases already. I’m just hoping they’d get caught.

  67. Just make a police report

  68. They are now active at KL Sentral and Central Market LRT stations!! I told them to f*ck off and they have a cheek to say i m rude!!

  69. i’m so annoyed. i got fooled by these ppl. a bunch of 20 years of college student actually approach me n pretend pity that if i help them they would get some commission. initially i kept on saying no. but they were so FORCEFUL AND KEPT ON PREASSURING ME! DUE to being nice and soft hearted, i have been CHEATED with RM5200. what should i do?!

    i have called the consumer tribunal but they say if no address they cannot help me! the receipt has a company name which i doubt it is fake!!! one of the teen has given me his phone no. though !! pls advice.

    i feel so helpless right now. how can they do such thing to cheat our hard earn money. MOST dissapointed thing is, they are so young and doing all these. whattt theeeeee

  70. Please make a police report & they will able to advise what to do next

  71. Hi kindly contact the ministry of domestic and consumer affair to seek assistance, The Kl office is located at PWTC. 2 months ago, when i was the victim from the scam group and only succesfully get back half of the money. There are specified taskgroup deal with this issue.

  72. The ministry of domestic and consumer affair is at the Mall(opposite PWTC),right?

  73. They are still there!!!!! They are still finding victims near the KL sentral Lrt station. What I can say is, their acting and persuading skills are beyond godlike. -.- I’ve just got scammed RM2k. Luckily I’ve withdraw rm500 before I got into this scam or else I think I would got cheated more. I saw a police officer there when the guy persuaded me. Everything was so suspicious but they are so good in distracting people by saying other stuffs. now, I got a freaking jade mattress and I feel like throwing it away. z

  74. My sister just got cheated on 5th Jan 2011 at bukit bintang monorail…She lost RM 5000……and they dun even bother to folow up to give her the remaining prizes…

    Currently we are in Sarawak … imagine all those jade mattress and the cooking pan has to be brought all over from Kl to sarawak should we proceed with the charging those SCAMMERs if we are based in sarawak?

  75. Just make a police report & they will able to advise what to do next.

    Police report can be make at all Police station

  76. Scam victim: I was greedy

    JOHOR BARU: A 35-year-old interior designer with permanent residency in Singapore has blamed her own ignorance and greed for being conned of RM9,000 in a scratch-and-win scam.

    Soon Meng Ching said that since she was busy with work, she rarely read newspapers, resulting in her being conned by two youths who approached her at a pedestrian bridge near the Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) complex here on March 12.

    “They told me to pick an envelope. When I opened it, they shook my hands and congratulated me for winning the top prize of a nano technology digital stove and an energy water system.

    “They told me that I was the first winner in six months, so I was excited and followed them in a taxi to their Taman Molek office to claim my prizes,” she said at a press conference organised by Johor Baru MCA Public Complaints Bureau deputy chairman Michael Tay here yesterday.

    Soon said when they reached the office, the youths told her that if she forked out RM9,000, she would then be in the running to win a Toyota car, a travel package to Europe or Australia, or cash.

    “I was greedy as I thought even if I did not win the car, I could still win the travel package,” she said, adding that the youths then drove her to the ATM to withdraw the money.

    Soon said she began to feel suspicious about the contest when she did not receive her prizes.

    “I tried looking for the office but the address on the invoice does not exist,” she said, adding that she hoped to get back her money, which she had been saving up to invest in property.

    Tay said that between January and March this year, he received some 15 complaints from both Malaysians and Singaporeans about such scams.

    He said he had managed to solve most of the cases, getting back about 70% of their money.

    “I urge the public not to be gullible and greedy, which will cloud their judgement and lead them to make the wrong decisions,” he said.


  77. on 23 Mar 2012 i came out from Immigresen and walking to City Square I was approached by 2 very innocent youngsters also the same story, ask me to open the lucky draw card. To cut the story short i was conned to pay oot $16,500 malaysia ringgit. I already report to police in JB and police ask me go to Tribunal penguna to file the aduan. I already done the necesary. What else can we do to take back our money. I take the photo of that guy and he also give me his HP: 014-3065088 BEN. is there any interest group out there which can rendered help to a victim like me.Is very very sad that our society had deteriorated until such a state. It seem that even the police also doesn’t seem to help much in such a scam cases.Please advise where to seek help.

  78. only can rely on Tribunal penguna as there’s not much you can do

  79. On 02-07-2012, as I was alighting from the LRT at Tasik Selatan Integrated Terminal, Selangor, on my way to buy a bus ticket home to Kluang, a young man (called himself Nick) approached me. He gave me a card & asked me to tear to see my prize. He went on to tell me that this was not a scam as many people have won prizes e.g. car etc. He showed me pictures of winners appearing in newspapers cuttings in Chinese. I then tore the card. Upon tearing, he quickly shook my hand & congratulated me while saying that my chances of winning a car was very high. Shortly after, his friend, also a young man, (called himself Jun) approached us. Nick told Jun that I was the lucky winner of the grand prize. According to them, I can get the prize immediately if I follow them to their office in Jalan Kuchai Lama, Selangor. From the card, I could not see what the prize was unless I use a small mirror in the shape of a card that is available at their office to scan my card.
    They then asked me to follow them to their office as the chances of winning the grand prize is high. The three of us got into a taxi to their office in 13-1, Jalan Kuchai Maju 8, Off Jalan Kuchai Lama, Kuala Lumpur. On the way, I took down the number of their handphones.
    Upon reaching their office, the two of them introduced another man (called himself Ng Kok How), presumably of a higher rank to me. Again, he told me the prizes I could win. He told me that if I win a car, ‘jade matress’ or plasma tv, I will have to pay RM5,000 being government tax. However if the prize is a tour ticket, I would not need to pay as the tour ticket can be exchanged for cash & they will then deduct RM5,000 from the cash.
    I told them that I do not have sufficient money & that I have only RM4,200. (That time, I have RM200 cash in my wallet). He then asked me to withdraw & he will top-up the RM800 to achieve RM5,000. Then he asked Nick & Jun to accompany me to a nearby petrol kiosk, BHPetrol Jalan Kuchai Lama, to withdraw RM4,000 from the ATM. They also guided me to change the daily withdrawal limit. After withdrawing the money, they handed me a document to sign.
    After signing, they took the RM4,200 from me & told me that they will use a machine to count the money. They handed me a small mirror in the shape of a card to view my prize. It turned out I had won a “Jade Mattress” (a mattress made of Jade). The three of them told me that they can sell the mattress for S$15,000 (Singapore dollars). They said the mattress will be sold in 2 days & they will deposit the money into my bank account (estimated RM36,000). Then they called a taxi to send me back to Tasik Selatan Integrated Terminal.
    It’s been more than a week since & there has been no news from them. I’ve sent text messages to Nick & Jun, but they did not respond. When I called them, they seldom pick up the call. If they answered, they will tell me that the buyer of the mattress is busy & asked me to wait for a few more days.
    As such, I realised that they are cheating me. I’ve decided to report this matter so that the public is not tricked into this sort of contest. I hope that the authorities will tighten the laws & catch these cheating criminals who prey on unsuspecting students & elderly people.

  80. Six scratch-and-win syndicate members nabbed

    MALACCA: Six members of a scratch-and-win syndicate have been arrested and electrical goods worth RM105,000 seized.

    State CID chief Supt Soh Hock Sing said the five men and one woman were arrested while they were asleep in two apartments in Banda Hilir.

    “A total of 48 electrical items including water filters, mattresses and digital sound systems worth between RM1,300 to RM5,000 each were seized,” he told a press conference here.

    Two of the five male suspects tested positive for drugs.

    Investigation found that the illegal direct selling business conducted the scam at Mahkota Parade, Mydin Hypermarket and Ixora Apartment.

    The syndicate is believed to have been involved in four scratch & win scams with losses of RM20,000 and the victims were university students and lecturers.

  81. Saya juga telah mengalami perkara yang sama berlaku hari ini 6 Oktober 2012 didekat Mydin Selayang di mana saya telah didatangi oleh seorang lelaki cina dan seorang perempuan cina. perkara yang sama telah berlaku dimana saya dikatakan akan menerima hadiah tanpa apa-apa bayaran dan saya telah diminta hadir bersama kedua orang tersebut ke pejabat mereka di Metro Prima Kepong. Disana saya diberitahu akan mendapat salah satu dari lapan hadiah. Perkara yang sama diceritakan oleh Khim dimana saya dimaklumkan oleh lelaki yang mula bertemu saya membawa peralatan untuk melihat bulatan pada kupon tersebut dan mengesahkan bahawa saya mendapat hadiah yang bernombor 17 iaitu hadiah kereta Honda. Dia juga menunjukkan gambar-gambar penerima hadiah sebelumnya. Saya dimaklumkan bahawa kereta tersebut akan diberikan kepada saya hari ini dan saya hanya perlu mengemukakan wang sebanyak RM6,200 untuk tujuan pengiklanan.. mereka juga mengemukakan dokumen-dokumen untuk saya tandatangani dan wang saya sebanyak RM6,200 akan discan untuk pengesahan bahawa saya mempunyai wang untuk tujuan tersebut sekiranya saya mendapat kereta honda tersebut dan wang tersebut hanya akan diambil setelah saya mendapat kenderaan tersebut. Malangnya apabila wang telah diterima mereka memaklumkan bahawa saya hanya menerima hadiah Kochima Jade Mattress. saya tidak bersetuju untuk mengambil hadiah tersebut kerana ianya tidak seperti yang dinyatakan kepada saya sebelumnya.. Mereka menengking dan memarahi saya dan bertegas tidak akan membayar balik wang saya. mereka juga mengambil gambar saya bersama dengan mereka untuk menunjukkan saya bersetuju mengambil barangan tersebut. Memandangkan saya amat takut bersendirian saya mengambil keputusan untuk pulang dengan barangan tersebut. Setelah sedar saya ditipu, saya telah membuat laporan polis di balai Polis Kepong.. Malangnya pihak Polis menyatakan mereka tidak boleh mengambil tindakan kerana perkara ini bukan kes penipuan.. Saya amat sedih terhadap pihak berkuasa di Negara kita kerana saya dimaklumkan oleh pihak bahawa mereka telah menerima banyak aduan berhubung perkara ini tetapi tiada tindakan yang telah diambil memandangkan barangan tersebut telah diambil. Saya sedih berhubung perkara ini,memandangkan Pejabat operasi scam ini berada berdekatan dengan balai Polis dan tiada tindakan diambil oleh pihak Polis terhadap aduan-aduan pihak awam..Saya ingin mendapat nasihat dari semua bagaimana kita dapat membendung penipuan ini supaya tidak berterusan dan saya amat kecewa dengan pihak Polis apabila beliau menyatakan bahawa pihak scam ini tidak bersalah tetapi orang ramai yang bersalah membiarkan ditipu.. Dimana orang awam boleh mengadu sekiranya pihak berkuasa berterusan membiarkan perkara ini berlarutan;

  82. I am one of the victim as well..on 9th of sept 2012 at PWTC area meet them and brought to jalan dwitasik at cheras.
    I feel extremely disappointed by the police which dont do anythings. they just pass my file to tribunal and when i say i wan to do face recognition from the people they have caught, they dont allowed me to do so.
    I just wan to end uo the case and get back the money by myself, and police doesnt even care.
    I am leaving this country to singapore very soon.

  83. I went to jb 4 jan 2013 around 5pm. I was approached at the bridge leading to city square mall by 2 teenagers. They passed my daughter and i 2 coupons. They told me if i see a ‘thank you’ note, they will get RM$1 as their pay. I happened to get a silver circle denoting special price. They congratulate me and told me i could win a car. They asked us to follow them to their office. At the office, they got a staff to brief me that i have to show them i have $11500 as this is GST amt i have to pay after i received the car in Singapore. I told them i hve no money with me and they told me they can send me back to Singapore to collect. I told them i just reached jb, not possible for me to go back. They asked me if i have $3000 in my ATM card. I said no. They getting more desperate. They told me to put deposit $200 to retain the lucky coupon at their office. In the end, I told them i am willing to put a deposit of RM$50. After that, my daughter and i left the office. When i reached the hotel, the more i feel that this is a scam.