Free SMS | Send Free SMS To Any Mobile In the World

Want to send FREE SMS to To Any Mobile In  the World?

Sending SMS messages do not have to be expensive anymore!

Use your Computer to send free SMS and chat to friends and loved ones all over the world.

You don’t need to send text messages from your phone anymore!


Why I like to use this service because there is No registration Required!

and the Best part is It is FREE!

Just follow the Simple Steps:

1) Visit


2) Key-in the Mobile number

(if Malaysian number then always start with 6 )

3) Type in your SMS text

4) Type the Verification Code

5) Press Send

6) If successfully send, an message “Sent successfully. Thanks for your support. : )” will be display.

Happy SMS!

** The Quality of this Free SMS cannot be guarantee as it is free.

** I have tested by sending SMS to two different Malaysian  mobile numbers and it was successfully send.

**  I am not sure how long will the service remain FREE.

Feel free to leave your comments below about this free SMS service.

9 Responses to “Free SMS | Send Free SMS To Any Mobile In the World”

  1. syabas !! Thanks !!!

  2. Dear Alan,

    Since it FREE SMS by internet, did u check whether the phone service operators (celcom, maxis, digi, etc) will charge the sms receiver as per text message> Such like YM, we can sent sms from internet by free, however the receiver will be charge by the phone service operators.


  3. hi Shahrul,

    I did not check that!

    Why don’t you check it out and feedback here

  4. i dont think they charged it, i had tried to my hp which is the line had been blocked, however i could still received it..

  5. This a Good news then 😀

    Thanks faz

  6. Love this free SMS!

  7. Coool.

  8. cool!!!! thanx ya!

  9. not work anymore in malaysia.. been tested ….