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Landlords Is Not Protected When Tenant Did Not Pay Rental

  Do You Know As A Landlords You Cannot Enter Your Rented Premises Without A Court Order? . Even Your Tenant Do  Not Pay Rental! . If your tenant never paid your Property Rental, as a Landlords, you Got NO RIGHT to remove your tenant belonging at your will or even enter the properties. It […]

Never Give Up | An Inspiration Animation by Adcom

CREATIVITY starts from a BELIEF, SUCCESS comes from an ACTION. THINK like when you are still a kid … NEVER GIVE UP … Tomorrow will always be better . An Inspiration Animation by Adcom .

Beware When Sending Out Cheques

  Do You Pay Your Credit Cards Bill Using Cheques? . Do You Know Your Cheques Detail Can Be Easily Modify? . Please be aware the risk of sending your cheques via post! I am sure you normally do this when paying your credit card bills. There is a syndicate who will intercept and temper […]