How To Get Your Central Credit Reference Information System Credit Report| CCRIS

Do you know WHY your loan or Credit Card Application was Rejected? In school we have a report card. Do you know that when you use a credit card or taking a loan, you too will have a report card. This report is reporting your credit health i.e whether you are a good paymaster, loan […]

Bank Negara Malaysia’s New Vehicle Financing Guideline

The Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM)’s new responsible financing guideline, which was introduced in November last year, has caused a sharp drop in industry sales. According to PROTON EDAR Dealers Association Malaysia, their sales was badly effected as the car applicants  get a high rejection rate with only 30 per cent of applicants manage to secure […]

Bank Negara Malaysia to Issue New Banknotes and Coins by 2012

With the Chinese New Year coming in about a month, most people will be very excited in receiving and getting  the new currency notes. However the bad news is Bank Negara Malaysia only going to unveil the new fourth series banknotes design in the third quarter of 2011. Bank Negara Malaysia will introduce a new […]